Women in Leadership – Pathways to Success

 Women in Leadership – Pathways to Success


We all want to succeed in what we do. As women leaders we are concerned about how to do that in a world that has not traditionally been too open to women’s success women in leadership  as executives. Because of that we have felt that we have to be even better than our contemporaries to be recognized as good leaders. That has changed significantly in recent years but it is still very difficult to get to the top of organizations. This article is designed to help you think about some of the major leadership behaviors that will help you succeed in being a top leader.

One of the most important things to do is to reach out to others and help them in as many ways as possible. Leaders cannot hunker down and keep to themselves. They need to be visible and engage in mentoring and role modeling whenever they can.

They also need to be courageous. They need to be willing to take well-calculated risks and to step out on what they believe is the right thing to do. Women’s voices in the workplace are very important and need to be heard often.

Leadership behaviors – good solid encouragement and empowerment, vision, communication, etc. have to be apparent to everyone and have to be engaged consistently. Whenever possible, a leader must make themselves and their work visible in a way that is not intrusive but is consistent and observable. The leader must be able to encourage others to go beyond expectations and to be successful themselves.

Customer focus is also an extremely important factor in today’s world. Both internal and external customers need to be constantly monitored and pleased. Staying ahead of customer expectations and managing them is now an essential skill for leaders.

Along with customer focus goes constant and consistent relationship building. Social and business networks are an important part of building strong relationships that may be useful in the long run. Keeping those networks up and creating alliances is important. They can be useful in strategic positioning and in being able to help others when they need your assistance.



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