Windows XP is Still Going Strong! Long Live XP

Windows XP is Still Going Strong! Long Live XP



Your Personal Computer (PC) does not have to be assigned to the recycle bin. There are still many good years ahead, according to Microsoft. You just need to take the time to follow some simple instructions and you could be getting several more wonderful years of use out of the old dog yet.

Backup your system now

This is the most important task you will ever do with your PC because it can save you time and time again. If you have ever spent hours Microsoft activation codes by DLS Soft creating your best report only to find the power goes down and all your work is lost. I have done this myself and it is not a good feeling believe me.

Windows Operating System (OS)

If you have a Windows XP or rescue disc or you can create one from your PC then you a third of the way.

Installed applications (programs)

If you have Programs you have installed from disc(s) or from download(s). Then you need to make sure you make copies of them ready to re-install if necessary. All programs must have their serial numbers or activation codes that they were previously installed with, these maybe found on the disk itself, on the case or packaging. You will not be able to re-install these programs if the codes etc or missing. You could contact the company that supplies the program to get the necessary codes. Once you have the codes write them down on your backup CD/DVD itself with a permanent maker.

Personal files

We all have files that we use daily, documents like letters and CV, music files, photograph and art work. These files are the most important of the files you need to backup because you cannot get them from any other source, not like Windows XP or even your Word Processing application disc. So you need to pay particular attention to backing these up.

Once you have copied all your files Windows XP or rescue disc, Installed program disc(s) and your personal files to CD/DVD or any other media, not forgetting to include scanner, printer and other hardware discs. Put them all together and store them in a safe place.

Protect your system

So now you have a complete backup of your PC so if the worst was to happen it can be restored and you would not lose anything, phew.

The next step is to make sure your system is protected correctly. This involves guarding against several threats. I will not go into too much detail here but you will need to defend yourself from Viruses and Spyware attacks etc. There are a number of free programs available on the internet if you search for them. Simply download and follow their installation instructions.

Before we go on to the next section you should make sure that as a minimum your windows Firewall is enable, it will also help to protect your system from threats.

Keep your system up to date

Computers are attacked by several threats and to help with this your system must be kept up to date and Windows XP will be supported will regular updates until at least 2014.

Although the updates are available they need to be downloaded and install on to your PC. You can do this manually, but there is and automatic option that is recommended. You need to Right click on the My Computer icon on your desktop and then select Properties. When the box appears, click the Automatic Updates tab and choose an option, it is best to choose Automatic and let windows do the work.

If you have not updated windows before then be prepared for a process that will take a long time. It is definitely worth doing to improve the security of your PC, so do it now.

Clean you system

Now your PC is as protected as it can be we can move on to making it more effective. You need to look for programs that you do not use and are taking up space and memory on your computer and helping to slow it down. You can remove these with Add or Remove Programs from the Control Panel (just click Start). Choose the program to remove and follow the instructions. Do not remove any programs you are not sure about as it could stop other programs from working as you would expect.



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