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Increase the Birth and Death size and then change the Birth and Death color to red. Furthermore, after downloading, extract the file by giving a password. It will allow you to ristortion professional-quality graphics in no time, particularly in places where speed is of the essence, such as dynamic typography and logo pop-ups.


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Follow Slashdot on LinkedIn. The US Department of Commerce has sanctioned 14 Chinese tech companies over links to human rights abuses against Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang, including one backed by a top Silicon Valley investment firm. Today the Commerce Department added it to its Entity List, which restricts US companies from doing business with listed firms without a special license. Sequoia did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

DeepGlint co-founded a facial recognition lab in with Chinese authorities in Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang, according to the South China Morning Post. DeepGlint claimed top accuracy in the test as of January , giving it a potent marketing tool in the security and surveillance industry.

Since the firm is so heavily invested in government work, it has to follow slow government procurement cycles and is unlikely to score huge infrastructure projects, Ding writes. A potential cyber attack on Iran’s state railway company created “unprecedented chaos” at stations across the country and led to cancellations and delays on hundreds of lines, state TV reported.

From a report: Departure notice boards showed blanket cancellations and carried the message “long delay following cyber attack,” the national broadcaster said, adding that the disruption to Islamic Republic of Iran Railways’ computer systems also affected station entrances and exits as well as ticket booths.

The national rail company’s website, www. Iranian state TV didn’t say where it got the information. President Biden is signing an executive order Friday urging federal agencies to more aggressively police conduct by Big Tech — including to more closely review acquisitions that thwart competition. The action comes amid a growing backlash by lawmakers and regulators against massive Silicon Valley firms.

The sweeping set of recommendations also includes provisions targeted at internet service providers — including an official call to restore net neutrality rules repealed under Trump — as well as healthcare, agriculture, transportation, and banking and consumer finance.

All told, Biden’s executive order includes 72 initiatives directed at more than a dozen federal agencies to “promptly tackle some of the most pressing competition problems across our economy,” according to a White House press release. The Columbia program offers the most extreme example of how elite universities in recent years have awarded thousands of master’s degrees that don’t provide graduates enough early career earnings to begin paying down their federal student loans, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of Education Department data.

Recent Columbia film alumni had the highest debt compared with earnings among graduates of any major university master’s program in the U. For years, faculty, staff and students have appealed unsuccessfully to administrators to tap that wealth to aid more graduate students, according to current and former faculty and administrators, and dozens of students.

Taxpayers will be on the hook for whatever is left unpaid. Lured by the aura of degrees from top-flight institutions, many master’s students at universities across the U. At Columbia, such students graduated from programs including history, social work and architecture.

Columbia University President Lee Bollinger said the Education Department data in the Journal analysis can’t fully assess salary prospects because it covers only earnings and loan repayments two years after graduation. Northwestern spokeswoman Hilary Hurd Anyaso said the speech-language pathology program is among the best in the world, leading to a “gratifying career path that is in high demand. An anonymous reader quotes a report from Stat News: Death rates are declining for more than half of the most common forms of cancer in the U.

The new report — released by the American Cancer Society, the National Cancer Institute, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and other collaborators — found that between and , death rates dropped for 11 out of 19 of the most common cancers among men and 14 of the 20 most prevalent cancers among women.

Accelerating declines in lung cancer deaths may account for much of the overall progress seen in recent years, the authors of the report said. Over the past two decades, the death rate for lung cancer has declined even faster than the rate at which patients are diagnosed with the disease. And while part of the early success in preventing lung cancer can be attributed to the massive drop in smoking rates, the authors note the most recent downward trends seem to correspond with the approval of new treatments for non-small cell lung cancer that improved the likelihood of survival.

Death rates from melanoma also saw an accelerated decline in the past decade, despite a growing number of diagnoses. Like in lung cancer, authors point to the introduction of novel treatments around the same time as the turnaround on the death rate. New targeted and immune checkpoint inhibitors were approved by the Food and Drug Administration in , one year before major declines in death rates were seen in women and two years before they were seen in men. While the report showed improved survival rates for many patients over recent years, others, such as prostate, colorectal, or female breast cancers, have seen progress stalled or stopped.

Breast cancer continues to be one of the three deadliest cancers for women of all races, and the most frequently fatal cancer for Hispanic women. While the rates of death from breast cancer are declining, the pace of the decline has slowed over the past two decades, according to the report.

And across the board, racial health disparities persist. Overall, cancer is more common among white individuals than Black individuals, but Black people die from cancer at higher rates.

Early and consistent access to screenings has also been critical, as demonstrated by the apparent effect of adapted screening guidelines for colorectal cancer. Charlotte Web shares a report from SFGate: Despite the popular belief that residents are fleeing California, there is not in fact a statewide exodus , new research out of the University of California finds.

For one, while residents are moving out of state, they are not doing so at “unusual rates. The report did reveal net migration out of San Francisco during the pandemic. A recent survey by UC San Diego, included in the project, found that the percentage of Californians who plan to leave the state has remained static for two years. Affluent Californians were actually more satisfied with the direction the state is going and very likely to believe it will be better when their children grow up.

Likewise, an analysis of almost two decades of Franchise Tax Board data by Stanford University and Cornell University found that there has been no millionaire flight from California, despite recent tax increases levied on higher earners. To help inform those important public discussions, UC assembled many of the state’s top researchers to provide a data-driven understanding of California’s population trends,” said UC Regent John A.

Perez in a press release. California Gov. From a report: Newsom is yet to issue a California-wide state of emergency or mandate any water use restrictions. Newsom encouraged residents to take shorter showers, run dishwashers only when completely full and refrain from watering lawns. To stay warm in frigid seas, the marine mammals rely on an unexpected use of the powerhouses of their cells.

From a report: Sea otters run hot. It’s not just a manner of speaking: Scientists have found that the furry mammals’ metabolisms work at a rate three times what might normally be expected from a creature their size, burning swiftly through calories.

They seem to be using much of that energy to generate heat, keeping themselves at a toasty But the details of their conversion of food and oxygen into vast reserves of heat have been obscure. Now researchers studying sea otters’ muscles report that the feat involves using the mitochondria in their muscle cells in an unexpected way. Their study was published Thursday in the journal Science.

Unlike whales and polar bears, sea otters don’t have a thick insulating layer of blubber, and their celebrated fur — the thickest in the world, with up to 2. Muscles generate heat as they contract, but scientists have known for some time there is another way that muscles can help animals keep warm, a cellular process with the delightful name of proton leak.

Inside almost all animal cells, little pill-shaped organelles called mitochondria break down sugar molecules to extract energy. Mitochondria are often called the powerhouses of the cell. During the final stage of this process, protons pop through a membrane. In biology textbooks, the protons helpfully trickle through tiny spinning pores, driving them like water wheels to make adenosine triphosphate, a compound that serves as the molecular battery powering cellular processes.

The risk of pathogens spilling over from wildlife trade and farmed animals into humans should be key considerations in efforts to prevent the next pandemic , research suggests. From a report: Researchers have been assessing the risks of the different ways that disease-causing organisms jump from animals to humans in an effort to characterise and address the risk of the next pandemic. In a study published in the journal Biological Reviews, University of Cambridge scientists found that while the risk of another pandemic cannot be eliminated, systemic changes in the way we interact with animals, in general, could substantially minimise the probability.

The risks are not just linked to exotic wild animals, they caution. It also shows how entrenched the global supply chain is. New York Times: President Biden and many lawmakers in Washington are worried these days about computer chips and China’s ambitions with the foundational technology.

But a massive machine sold by a Dutch company has emerged as a key lever for policymakers — and illustrates how any country’s hopes of building a completely self-sufficient supply chain in semiconductor technology are unrealistic.

Its system uses a different kind of light to define ultrasmall circuitry on chips, packing more performance into the small slices of silicon. Shipping it to customers requires 40 shipping containers, 20 trucks and three Boeing s.

The complex machine is widely acknowledged as necessary for making the most advanced chips, an ability with geopolitical implications. The Trump administration successfully lobbied the Dutch government to block shipments of such a machine to China in , and the Biden administration has shown no signs of reversing that stance.

Manufacturers can’t produce leading-edge chips without the system, and “it is only made by the Dutch firm ASML,” said Will Hunt, a research analyst at Georgetown University’s Center for Security and Emerging Technology, which has concluded that it would take China at least a decade to build its own similar equipment. Indian scientists have discovered a new plant species in Antarctica. From a report: Polar biologists stumbled upon a species of moss during an expedition to the ice-covered continent in Identification is laborious, and it took the scientists five years to confirm that the species had been discovered for the first time.

The peer-reviewed paper describing this discovery has been accepted in the leading international journal, Journal of Asia-Pacific Biodiversity. Bharati is the Hindu goddess of learning and the name of one of India’s Antarctic research stations.

Prof Felix Bast, a biologist who was part of the six-month-long expedition to the continent – the 36th by Indian scientists – discovered the dark green specie at Larsemann Hills, overlooking the Southern Ocean, in January This is located near Bharati, one of the remotest research stations in the world. The UK’s most powerful supercomputer, which its creators hope will make the process of preventing, diagnosing and treating disease better, faster and cheaper , is operational.

The idea capitalizes on artificial intelligence AI — which combines big data with computer science to facilitate problem-solving — in healthcare. They will seek to develop a deeper understanding of diseases such as dementia, design new drugs, and improve the accuracy of finding disease-causing variations in human genomes.

A key way the supercomputer can help, said Dr Kim Branson, global head of artificial intelligence and machine learning at GSK, is in patient care. In the field of immuno-oncology, for instance, existing medicines harness the patient’s own immune system to fight cancer. But it isn’t always apparent which patients will gain the most benefit from these drugs — some of that information is hidden in the imaging of the tumors and in numerical clues found in blood.

Cambridge-1 can be key to helping fuse these different datasets, and building large models to help determine the best course of treatment for patients, Branson said. The suspicion remains nowhere near far enough. That YouTube’s AI is still — per Mozilla’s study — behaving so badly also suggests Google has been pretty successful at fuzzing criticism with superficial claims of reform.

The mainstay of its deflective success here is likely the primary protection mechanism of keeping the recommender engine’s algorithmic workings and associated data hidden from public view and external oversight — via the convenient shield of “commercial secrecy.

Chime, a “neobank” serving millions, is racking up complaints from users who can’t access their cash. The company says it’s cracking down on an “extraordinary surge” in fraudulent deposits.

That’s little consolation to customers caught in the fray. ProPublica: Chime, which provides app-based banking services to an estimated 12 million customers, has according to experts been generating a high rate of complaints, with filed at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau since April 15, Many customers have told the CFPB that they can’t access their money or accounts, and that, among other things, Chime is slow to resolve problems.


Video copilot heat distortion license free download.Slashdot Top Deals

Go to the Effects menu and choose the Heatwave effect from the Universe Distort submenu, and the effect will be automatically added to the Adjustment Layer. Change the Amount and Size values of the effect and add the Fast Blur effect to the Adjustment Layer , but keep in mind that applying too much Fast Blur can make the heat distortion less convincing. Double-click on the solid layer on the timeline if you want to fine-tune the CC Particle System II settings further and try out different values to get the best result.

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