The Relocation Market Could Be a Goldmine for Your Business

 The Relocation Market Could Be a Goldmine for Your Business


When I moved from Utah to Oregon nearly seven years ago I had the opportunity to experience marketing from a powerful perspective: a consumer in need of numerous products and services. As I settled in, I realized what an incredible opportunity this is for countless businesses to increase revenues by tapping into the relocation market. Sadly, not  fencing contractors near me many companies take full advantage of what could literally be a goldmine to their business.

Depending on the location of the move, some of the consumer needs may include: an accountant, carpenter, dentist, doctor, electrician, financial planner, gym, hair and nail salon, health food store, insurance agent, landscaper and plumber just to name a few. More and more people are moving hundreds, if not thousands of miles.

Ask yourself this question: “Is it a wise business decision to tap into the ever increasing mobility of consumers or is it better to let this segment of the buying public pass me by?”

I have been intrigued by my own process of selecting potential vendors and my decision to either do business with them or not during my move.

Admittedly, I chose to initially call various vendors based on the different marketing strategies they used. This reinforced the understanding that there is not one particular way to market. Some businesses will benefit from a strong Internet presence, coupons, yellow page ads, newspaper ads, television and/or direct mail, while others will greatly benefit from building a strong referral network.

Once I put an offer in on my new home, I needed to find an insurance agent. The process was made simple by doing a web search for someone within the same insurance company we have been with for decades. I found the name and number of an agent in Eugene, called her and immediately realized this might be someone I would be happy to do business with.

Not only did Christine Dumbach of Farmers Insurance answer all my insurance questions, she inquired as to other needs I had in moving to a completely unfamiliar area. Within a few hours she emailed me a lot of great information. The names and numbers of these companies and individuals definitely made the transition easier.



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