The Mystery of Stage Hypnosis

 The Mystery of Stage Hypnosis


For hundreds of years, hypnosis has been used in many societies from a range of therapeutic treatment to day-to-day occurrences of human life, even some with sinister yet unfounded stories of mind control and forced mental submission,  Stage hypnosis shows but the mystery of hypnosis has continued to baffle millions all over the world.

Oftentimes used as a form of entertainment, stage hypnosis is one of today’s most alluring and sought after attraction, but here are some facts of history to give you a clear picture about stage hypnosis.

To those inclined towards the mystical, mysterious and imaginative dimension, hypnosis is personified as the moustached, well-dressed conjurer or magic spells, that with a single gaze from his eyes or dangling a  pocket watch in front of one’s eyes, will cause people to assume a trance-like state and submit to his every bidding.

But in the real world, hypnosis and hypnotism have been used primarily as a form of treatment rather than a tool for conquering the world.

The mystical picture of hypnosis, as mentioned earlier, is but a stuff of legend and will not likely be used as a secret weapon for the domination of mankind.

Still, hypnosis is a mystery that have been argued and pondered over by people for the past two hundred years and science is yet to fully explain how hypnosis really works.

Science is still to put together the pieces in the puzzle of the phen



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