The 4 Most Useful Fundamental Tips to Save Gas, Money and the Earth

 The 4 Most Useful Fundamental Tips to Save Gas, Money and the Earth


Gas prices are really high these days, even having lowered a little in the last two months the prices are three times higher than five years ago. And the worst part is those   analysts predict that prices will remain going up for the next years.

The society is becoming aware of the real danger of Global Warming and it is now clear that a different source of energy is needed if we want to survive to the mess we just created. Everybody is called in the process of healing the planet to save us from natural disasters and extinction and the government and corporation’s action is a must. Demanding them a reaction is one of the things that we can do to change the future of earth.

While waiting for a different energy solution, one of the most used energy source is gasoline. It is known that the hybrid car generation is coming and that some if not all cars will use electricity -or other kind of energy- to run in the future. But as that day comes, most of the people is in need of gas to run their cars -or trucks. Even with that, some of them can’t afford paying a new hybrid car and at the same time the cost of having your old one goes up.

So, it’s now, more than ever, a good idea to take note of some things that may help us stop wasting a lot of money on gas, and not only that, helping to reduce the global warming effect. It’s really worth the time to take note, and action.

Here it is a list of common habits and tips to save money on fuel.

  1. Take care of your car

Your car is a machine with a complex working mechanism, if the parts of the mechanism are in bad condition, it won’t work as it was supposed to. Give attention especially to the fuel injector, the air filter, the oil used changing them regularly and using good quality components. Tires are another responsible of increasing -or decreasing- gas mileage. Check the pressure every week.

Also, think that the lighter your car is the less fuel will need to run, so, don’t use the trunk as a junk room and take out of your car all the things that you won’t need. Specially the heavy ones

  1. Be a great driver

And I don’t mean with that be a speed racer, but realizing that, as for p



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