Step by Step Guide to Install LED Dome Lights

 Step by Step Guide to Install LED Dome Lights


Decorating one’s car is an enjoyable experience for those of the XY chromosomes. Not only does it give the feel of your personality to the automobile, high power led street light

but it makes it look even more classy, fancy and exclusive. A Volkswagen GTi is one attention catcher of a car. Coveted by many for its engine, sleek design, sport suspension, beautiful add-ons including a deluxe surround sound system, and many more, if you own a champion VK GTi, then you definitely have bragging rights. Leaving a car this beautiful plain and impersonalized will be quite a shame.

There are many ways car owners can personalize and improve their luxury cars whether for sport, car racing or display purposes. You can add, modify or improve the wheels, stylish rims, mugs, horsepower, nitro boosters, and neon lights; the list goes on and on. The most common and inexpensive haul you can do is painting. You can also buy a lot of accessories for your car interior such as floor mats, seat covers, stylish stirring wheels, wine bars, pet accessories and many more. But if you want something that promotes both safety and splendor, car experts and enthusiasts suggest installing LED dome lights. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to install LED dome lights.

First, buy a quality LED bulb you would install. There are many luxury car accessory shops out there that suggest you to install LED interior lights for Volkswagen GTi. One type of lighting you can depend on is the LED bulbs. After securing these light fixtures, get a hard but thin material such as an ATM card or a hard ID. Try to remove the holed panel located just above your head.



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