Spotlights: A Style Icon?

 Spotlights: A Style Icon?


Spotlights are a design idea that has really stood the test of time. They came into style for the first time in the Sixties and have never diminished in popularity. Th Ceiling mounted spotlight

e early designs were very futuristic in nature and predominantly eye ball shape and they were even known to be used in science fiction movies and TV shows of the time. But soon they became a useful part of lighting schemes in the home and they are hard to beat when it comes to lighting any area where intricate work is done or when you want to light one area clearly and leave the rest of the room with more restful background lighting, not to mention inject a touch of style to a room.

Spotlights come as ceiling lights, either singly or on a bar or plate; wall lights, as pairs or singles; floor lamps, often in conjunction with an uplighter and also as individual table lamps, usually to go on a desk or work space of some kind. Nowadays they commonly employ halogen or led bulbs, which are cooler in use so if you are using a spotlight as a work light you can have it much nearer to you and still be safe and comfortable. The old spotlights with conventional bulbs used to get very hot and could be quite unpleasant and hazardous to work near for long periods of time. The other good thing about the new type bulbs for spotlights is that they don’t have to be changed very often, so if you have a dark and inaccessible corner, on a staircase, for example, you won’t be constantly up and down ladders replacing the bulbs when they blow.

Spotlights in a kitchen are a classic design icon these days. They are often mounted on rails or even come as part of track lighting and wire lighting kits and can therefore stretched out over a wider work area. The safety element of the practical task light given off by a spotlight in a work area, where knives and other sharp implements used for crafts and cooking are used, needs no explanation. As well as being ultra-sensible, the stylish clean lines and the variety of great finishes, usually metallic, go well with the hygiene requirements of a kitchen. If they get a little greasy and steamy as is almost inevitable in a kitchen, a quick wipe will usually bring them back to like new condition.



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