Selling A Vacant House? Home Staging Is A Must

 Selling A Vacant House? Home Staging Is A Must


There was a time in the not so distant past when there were far more home buyers than sellers, and sellers had the luxury of not having to pretty up their place to sell it house painters in Anaheim  . Often their property would sell before the listing ink was dry. Rather than replacing the hideous blue carpet, they might offer a credit. If the buyer didn’t like the orange paint, then THEY could repaint after the close. The idea of having the house professionally staged – prepared for the market – seemed frivolous and a bit unnecessary, but for those who did, their house often sold over the listing price with multiple offers.

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last few years, you are painfully aware that those days are long gone. In the Orange County real estate market of today, there are over 17,000 properties on the market, and home sales are way down.

While some folks have the luxury of waiting for market conditions to improve, many homeowners are forced to sell their property now, for a variety of reasons. Some are carrying two mortgages and need to eliminate one of them, some have relocated to Orange County due to business, some overextended during the credit boom and can no longer afford their mortgage, and many homes have been foreclosed and are being unloaded by banks.

There are buyers out there. There are always people who are relocating into the area, and there are also locals looking to upgrade and hoping to take advantage of falling prices. True, many buyers are waiting for prices to come down more, and some cannot get the financing they need, and others are ready and able to buy but can’t sell their own house. But buyers are out there; there’s just an imbalance between supply and demand.

With so much competition out there in housing inventory, it is crucial that your property stand out. It all starts with the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). More and more buyers are searching for new houses on the internet before they ever even contact an agent, so sellers have to grab their attention with great photos just to get them interested. Then when they visit the property, they have to be impressed right away. Like speed dating, buyers will decide within the first thirty seconds if they are interested in pursuing the relationship or if they want to look elsewhere. It’s important to make a favorable first impression.



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