San Diego DUI Lawyer

 San Diego DUI Lawyer


A San Diego DUI lawyer and defense team are used to describe the team of attorney’s, paralegal’s, and other professionals that come together to defend you from a DUI or drunk driving related offense here in San Diego.

San Diego has one  DUI lawyer GA of the highest rates of DUI arrests in the nation for the population size. The city has dramatically stepped up DUI patrols and checkpoints in the areas known for a ‘party’ type atmosphere. Some speculate that the increased vigilance on DUI enforcement has been due in part to San Diego’s fiscal difficulties. It is known that the city is in a bit of a financial bind and looking for ways to bring in more revenue.

Anyway you look at it, if you’re arrested for a drunk driving charge you’ll want to ensure that your San Diego DUI lawyer and defense team has experience fighting and winning cases here in this city. San Diego has a lot of different DUI firms who do a lot of advertising so choosing the right defense team can be a difficult task. We’ll discuss how to decide which DUI lawyer to represent you.

First, you’ll want to ensure that the DUI defense team you select will actually end up being the same team working on your behalf… beware of the ‘bait and switch’ tactic where you think you’re getting the lawyers with the great reputations- but then you end up with a brand new bar admitted lawyer with no real experience handling your case after you agree to allow the firm to represent you. To avoid this simply ask them during the initial consultation who will be physically be handling this case. Make sure you speak with whoever that is



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