Running On Fumes – Being Green Saves You Green

 Running On Fumes – Being Green Saves You Green


Unless you have been living on the moon in a glass bubble you would be aware of the fact that prices and especially gas prices are on the rise. Not just a little price hike here  and there but through the stratosphere price increases for a gallon of gas.

I guess now is a good time to go green which means conservation of gasoline. Whether or not you like being a tree hugger.

Think of it this way going green can mean two things today, one is being a save the planet type person or two save yourself a bunch of green (money) by being green (tree hugger).

What have I done to be green that is save money?

Well I started driving differently:

I set my cruise control closer to the speed limit. When you drive the speed limit it has two effects um well three: 1) Saves gasoline and so saves money on fuel. 2) Saves the environment. If you drive slower you spew out less junk and toxins into the air. Makes that chipmunk on the side of the road smile. 3) Saves on speeding tickets. Saving you a lot of green and demerit points to boot. So driving the speed limit helps in many ways.

I don’t break really hard unless there is a big truck in the way (you know safety issues). This will increase fuel mileage or for those using metric kilometers and an added plus you will save some green replacing your brakes less often since the will last longer.

I try not to have jack rabbit starts. What does that mean? Well if you at a light and some guy in a hot car wants to drag you off the light then you give the thumbs down because you want to be green (a tree hugger and save money). Also saves on the tires especially if they are a specialty tire and so it is green by being a tree hugger and a green money saver.

Reduce the weight you have to carry in your vehicle. Every 100 pounds less gives you better fuel mileage. Just think of it this way don’t carry those four cases of 2/4 in the trunk reduce it to one in this way you



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