Red Bolster Pillow

 Red Bolster Pillow


Different types of pillow are normally used at home for different purposes. There are bed pillows, floor pillows, travel pillows and throw pillows. Bolster pillows are a form of throw pillows that are unique mostly for its custom throw pillows cylindrical shape. They are also referred to as neck, tube or neck roll pillows. These pillows are designed in such a manner that they can be hugged while sleeping.

Oval or four-sided cylinder in shape, structure being long, filled with cotton, fibres or wool; these can be used as a support to your head or back while you are in bed and also they can be a decorative piece too. When mixed with the other forms of attractive throw pillows, these also give a striking, complete decorative look to couches, beds and other furniture’s of your room.

Apart from adorning your room, these has many medical benefits too. Many children love to sleep hugging the these until they step into adulthood. There is a reason behind this. This pillow actually soothes nerves and makes your mind calm while you are asleep. This results in quality sleep for infants especially and reduces baby choking while they are into sleep as these pillows when placed on their back acts as a great support.

These are available with home décor retailers but they are not as extensively obtainable as conventional shaped pillows. However, if these pillows are not found as per your décor requirement, then the easy solution is to make the bolster pillows by rolling foam into the preferred diameter, covering it with batting and then finally upholstering it with your selected material. This way you can get the desired shape and color of your bolster pillow that can complete the décor of your room.

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