Presenting Cameroon “Africa in Miniature”

 Presenting Cameroon “Africa in Miniature”


Cameroon is a Central African country which lies between the West and Central African visitors, encompassed by nations like Nigeria, Congo, Gabon, Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea and Chad. Frequently alluded to as “Africa in smaller than expected” it owes the title to the way that it is said to incorporate nearly while possibly not every one of the parts of the African history, culture, geology, climate, or essentially put it is a combination of the mother landmass camerounais du canada in one.


Cameroon as is presently known today, got its name from the expression “Rio dos Cameroes” meaning stream of prawns, an expression utilized by a few Early Portuguese travelers who cruised along the bank of West Africa and the Congo bowl in the mid 17 centuries to depict a surge of prawns which they saw around the Wouri River.


The region will Later be called Kamerun during the German colonization, partitioned into two separate domains after the First World War, the part under British command will be called Southern Cameroons, while the one under France will be named Western Cameroons. Western Cameroons won its freedom in 1960 and was then called La Republic du Cameroun. Later on February 1960 Southern Cameroons was re-joined to La Republic du Cameroon to shape The Federal Republic of Cameroon, in English and La Republique Federale du Cameroun, in French, with English and French as the public dialects. Yet, the name will later be changed back to The Republic of Cameroon as is presently called today causing “the anglophone personality emergency”.


The nation is made of ten regions, as of late different to areas by the decision president Paul Biya who has been in power beginning around 1982, in a bid to cultivate decentralization and territorial turn of events. In the north, you have the Far North, North, and the Adamawa Regions. While different districts incorporate Center, Littoral, South, South West, West, North west, and the East. The capital of Cameroon is Yaounde, arranged in the Center Region, while the financial capital is Douala situated in the Littoral Region. Cameroon partakes in the Saharan sort of environment up north, while the Littoral and portions of the South West and South Regions which are lined by the Atlantic Ocean have a more sticky and warm sort of environment. The Center, West, and North West Regions in a specific order individual have colder environments.

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