London’s Coolest Neighbourhoods  

 London’s Coolest Neighbourhoods


Seeing the usual tourist spots in London is imperative for anyone who’s never been. If you’re planning a holiday in the city and want to see more than the usual well-known Asthenic Therapist London  attractions, and would like to check out the places that “those in the know” frequent, having an inkling about London’s coolest neighbourhoods can help a great deal. Below, we highlight a handful of the hippest neighbourhoods in London; make a point of stopping by at least a few the next time you’re in the city.

Shoreditch – Without a doubt, Shoreditch is the epitome of “trendy” when it comes to London neighbourhoods. Studded with art galleries, bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants, Shoreditch offers up some of the most eclectic and vibrant atmospheres in London and is definitely one of the city’s coolest neighbourhoods.

Bloomsbury – Around the turn of the twentieth century, London’s Bloomsbury neighbourhood was the haunt of several well-known writers. Its reputation for being the preferred area for such artists continues to give it a hip ambiance; in addition to the British Museum, the Charles Dickens Museum can be found within its boundaries. A bevy of historic homes and well-manicured parks makes Bloomsbury a delightful part of London to explore.

Soho – Upmarket restaurants and a broad swatch of sleek office buildings make Soho one of the most leading-edge neighbourhoods in London. You can’t walk a metre without stumbling upon another ultra chic restaurant or extremely posh club. As the cornerstone of London’s media world, there’s always a good chance of spotting a celebrity or two while here as well



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