Karaoke DJ or Karaoke KJ

 Karaoke DJ or Karaoke KJ


In my book “Karaoke Krazy,” I give advice on the many ways to be successful as a Karaoke DJ o인천다국적 r “KJ.” Here is an excerpt:


If you are a KJ, your style is every bit as important as your reputation because it is PART of your reputation. It is what defines you.

There is a lot you can do to create a style of your own and it does not always involve how you speak on a microphone.
This section includes things about me, and things I have done to enhance my style.

You may get some ideas, or perhaps you have a style all of your own that you are happy with. Either way you might learn something.

“The Art of Illusion”

There is an art to creating an illusion in the room, one that will draw in and sustain a crowd. It is your job to provide an environment that did not exist prior to your arrival.
The way you dress, the music you play, and how well you work a room and motivate people, are integral parts of the whole. If you miss doing one of these things well, you may survive. However, if you miss more than one of these things, you may not.

What you wear sets the tone in the room. If you are in jeans and a T-shirt, your crowd will wear jeans and T-shirts too.
If you wear trendy clothes, tails, or pink gym shoes and a bow tie, you will set a better tone and people will respond to that. You will also inform people that you are an entertainer and they will prepare to be entertained.

My former manager, J.R., insisted that I always dress like a star. If I was getting off of a tour bus at a gas station, I was required to be picture perfect. His motto was, “If you look like a star and act like a star, you are a star.” He was right about this. People treat you like a star if you dress like one.
Obviously, if you are doing a private function you need to ask what the theme will be or what dress is required. You will look very out of place at a formal function if you are wearing a cowboy hat and jeans. Likewise, you will feel out of place if you are wearing tails and the guests are wearing cut-offs.

Another detail you might pay attention to is the lighting. I do



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