Get Rid of Cyber Security – Remove This Malicious Software Before Your Computer Is Compromised

 Get Rid of Cyber Security – Remove This Malicious Software Before Your Computer Is Compromised


I am sure that at one time or another as you have been surfing the web or visiting your favorite web sites you have gotten a pop up message that tells you there are  computercyber Portugal  currently infected files on your computer or that harmful malware, spyware or other viruses have been located on your PC. This information can be rather scary, especially if you are one of the many people out there who has no PC security software protecting them or their private information.

One of the things that makes these programs so infectious is the fact that many times you do not even realize that what you have just installed and downloaded on your computer was a malware or virus and not a PC security software. A good example of this is the malware called cyber security.

While the name cyber security does help you feel more secure on your computer, the truth is that the software was designed to deceive you into believing that your PC has been seriously compromised and that the only way for you to regain control is by purchasing a copy of the software. This is usually done in several different ways and you need to get rid of cyber security from your PC.

  1. Scan results. cyber security will scan your PC for you when your computer boots up and after a few minutes gives you a breakdown of the problem files on your computer. The problem here is that the scan that was just run will simply locate random files on your computer or sometimes even place the files there so that it looks as if your PC has some serious security issues when there isn’t a problem at all.
  2. Browser Hijacking. While on the web, even if you’re going to sites you always go to you will start getting messages telling you that the site you want to visit has been compromised. This is done by re-routing your internet traffic through another server. The problem here is that not only is it annoying, but all of the incoming and outgoing information such as passwords and other private information can be stored for later use and you need to get rid of cyber security malware to prevent this.
  3. Pop up warnings. A steady flow of pop up messages all warning you that your computer has been compromised. Either your PC or a file you were trying to access was infected, there has been unauthorized changes to your PC or even that someone is accessing your computer from an unknown location.



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