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Here’s a few of the best raffle basket ideas. Be sure to combine them with a solid  to drive success.

  1. Travel Package Basket

Travel packages are a must for any high-end fundraiser, and luckily they’re easily adaptable to raffle giveaways raffle baskets. All it takes to create a travel basket format is a:

  • Pair of travel tickets
  • Certificate for accommodations
  • Sightseeing or local attraction tickets
  • Pictures and other physical items to add a promotional touch!

These baskets are also great for promotion and pre-event coverage as they’re sure to raffle giveaways raffle giveaways in the right kind of attendees.

  1. Ticket Basket

Another big-ticket raffle basket is the ticket basket. While some fundraisers only donate tickets to a single sporting event, it could be fun to up the ante and combine all your ticket donations together.

This could go a long way in driving bids, especially since you could have some big-name raffle giveaways events (aka the Superbowl or US Open) sharing a bid number.

  1. Membership Basket

Membership baskets are great for school fundraisers or those geared towards attendees with small children. They are generally easy to bundle, as nonprofits often have a variety of membership items to choose from.

Be sure to include the following raffle giveaways popular Membership items in your raffle basket:

  • Museums – local or regional
  • Zoos
  • Bike share programs
  • Meal service plans
  • Gyms, exercise classes or workout programs
  • Art club or art classes

With so many options, this basket is perfect for attendees who don’t want to get bored with their winnings.

  1. Staycation Basket

Staycation baskets have moved from the ‘Popular’ list to the Must Have list for a few reasons. First, everyone needs a staycation, making these raffle baskets a hit at school fundraisers, nonprofit events, and really raffle giveaways any fundraiser.

You can tailor your staycation raffle basket to the wants of your audience, so no two baskets are alike.

And finally, if you’re working with the right vendors to donate a local hotel room, meal voucher, and event tickets, then it doesn’t have to be too expensive to provide an amazing experience.


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