Feed Your Wedding Vendors – Especially the Photographer

 Feed Your Wedding Vendors – Especially the Photographer


More than a few brides have scoffed at the notion that photographers require dinner. I mean, come on. You’re paying someone a small fortune to press a button for a  hire photographer near me few hours, and now he demands a dinner break on your tab. You’re ready to tell the guy off.

I feel for you. I wouldn’t want to pay an extra $80 to $120 for a fully plated dinner after writing someone a large check.

Does the photographer deserve the meal? It depends.

No one working fewer than four hours should require his client to foot a meal break. But you shouldn’t deny anyone food who works six hours or longer. A reasonable photographer won’t disappear for a long time to enjoy his meal. He’s on the clock.

Think about it from the photographer’s view. He’s dragging around fifty pounds of equipment, probably covered in sweat, while maintaining a big smile and professional demeanor. He manages the subtleties of your family member’s relationships and fulfills every one of your requests. Plus, he only has one chance to get every photograph right. That’s some pressure. If he’s starving, then he may just not be on his game.

Nearly every site and caterer, fortunately, offers the vendor meal option. It will save you money and satisfy the photographer. The meal should run $8 to $30, depending on your vendor.

I honestly enjoy opening the vendor box and breaking out the club sandwich, fresh fruit and cookie. It’s always chocolate chip.

I typically eat nearby the reception area at the same time the guests are enjoying their dinner. It’s the only time at a reception when nothing else is scheduled to happen. I tell the DJ or band leader where I’ll be. I check in on the room while I’m eating, and if the clients decide to stand up and visit tables, then I get up, too, and follow them around. Dinner can wait, and cold sandwiches don’t get colder.

Do you have to pay for the meal? Most photographers require a meal as part of their compensation. So, if your favorite photographer also requires food, then you’ll need to request a vendor meal for him.

You could negotiate. I had one client who didn’t want to pay for a meal. I told them that was fine, but I’d have to go their hotel’s bar to order a sandwich. I couldn’t go for nine hours without eating. They didn’t want me straying too far, so they decided it would be best to order me vendor meal and have it served with dinner.

It was a good decision. The bride’s father stood up during dinner to make an impromptu, tear-jerking speech. I was sitting outside the ballroom and heard him start. I dropped my food and went in right away to capture the entire event. The client later told me that the extra $15 was worth every penny to have those photographs. I humbly agreed.



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