Diabetic Test Strips, Five Things to Know Before You Buy

 Diabetic Test Strips, Five Things to Know Before You Buy


Diabetic test strips have come a long way since the urine tests diabetics used to rely on for home testing. And there are some things you really should know before you decide which glucose monitor to buy. When you get them home, it’s important to brn-22-stripped-receiver-for-ruger-10-22   treat them right so they will give you accurate readings. Here’s a list of five things that will help you choose and use your diabetic test strips.

Number One – What Will They Cost

Looking for a good glucose monitor is only half of the research you need to do before you settle on the meter that fits your needs. Even if you find a free monitor, it is a one-time purchase, but the diabetic test strips will be a monthly expense for as long as you have that brand of monitor.

Medicare and Medicaid will pay for your monitor and test strips because they are considered durable medical equipment. That separates them from your prescription needs (like insulin and needles). Make sure yours are covered, and you can pick from the choices available from your DME provider.

But if you are buying the strips yourself it’s good to know where you can get them for the lowest possible price. Go to Amazon.com and compare their prices on diabetic test strips with the ones you’ll find at a discount store. The Amazon prices are generally half as much as store costs for the same brands.

By the way, it’s simple to check prices at stores that have a website. That kind of knowledge arms you with the information you need to pick the best diabetic test strips as well as the best glucose monitor. It also helps you decide where to get them. Remember to read the small print when you buy online, because shipping prices will often add a lot to the price.

Number Two – Check the Expiration Date

Your meter readings can be made useless if your test strips are out of date. Always check the dates when you receive them in the mail or buy them at the store. Expiration dates are printed clearly on every vial and disc. Send them back if they are old.

Make sure to use up your old strips first when you get a new batch so yo



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