Buyer’s Guide – Palm vs Pocket PC

 Buyer’s Guide – Palm vs Pocket PC


Trying to decide on a PDA? The first choice that you’ll have to make is whether to go with a Palm OS system or a Pocket PC (Windows CE) system:

– Palm systems  Pocket Option Review  run an operating system called “Palm OS”.

– Pocket PC systems run “Windows CE”. This looks and operates a lot like the more familiar versions of Microsoft Windows that you use on your desktop or laptop PC. Windows CE is not identical to the larger versions of Windows, and generally does not run the same software, but it does interoperate well with other Microsoft programs.

Some features are a dead heat between Palm systems and Pocket PCs:

– Both Palm systems and Pocket PCs can do contact management, calendaring and to-do-lists.

– Both Palm and Pocket PCs can do reasonable handwriting recognition. In either case, it can take a small amount of getting used to.

– Both Palm and Pocket PCs have models available with digital cameras.

– Some models of both Palm and Pocket PCs support music, multimedia and MP3 (MP3 is supported pretty much on all models). You’ll need to check the specs of individual models to see exactly what features they offer.

– Internet connectivity is available for most Palm and Pocket PCs.

Here are some reasons to choose Palm:

– Palm systems are usually cheaper. This is because Palm OS devices often have less memory and a slower processor. They can get away with this, without you noticing, because Palm OS is highly optimized to run on low-end hardware.

– Palm systems are often lighter and smaller than Pocket PCs. Of course, that isn’t always the case, so you need to check the specs on individual models when making comparisons.



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