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Interrupted yet again Daredevil’s extraordinary senses would allow him to negate an assassination attempt on by Bullseye on Elektra by plucking a card from the air just before it would slit her throat. Bullseye’s failed attempt alerting the heroes to his presence.

The Skrull Elektra and Bullseye clashing in midair and both falling to ground level whilst engaging each other in hand to hand combat. She next takes part in Secret Invasion The Infiltration. This carries on with the previous action of the New Avengers and upon her death it is revealed the degree to which the Skrulls had infiltrated the superhero community. The specific Skrull known to replace Elektra and impersonate her is known as Siri. During Elektra’s time imprisoned by the Skrulls she was tortured and subjected to various types of psychological and mental abuse designed to break her spirit and mind.

Elektra stubbornly withholding information made her captors very curious and even more determined to break her will. The Skrulls grow frustrated with what they perceive as Elektra’s “mind tricks” and general mental resilience.

They eventually resort to more brutal techniques to extract her secrets. It is eventually revealed they were so intrigued and vehement over Elektra’s physiology and knowledge because of her resurrection, which they sought in order to replicate it. At the end of the story arc the real Elektra returns. Elektra having finally returned to Earth and released from the Skrulls imprisonment is in a delirious state and she is not sure what to do, as she wanders the wreckage of the battle between the Skrulls and Earths heroes in Central Park New York.

She is still very confused, already injured and amidst several other Skrull captured prisoners. Although SHIELD agents come over to help and assist her she attacks them and further exacerbates her injuries further on them before retreating from the busy and crowded scene.

Elektra seeks refuge behind a tree but is attacked by more SHIELD operatives, and despite injury she neutralizes two before succumbing to her wounds. Iron Man comes to her aid to convince the SHIELD agents not to attack her so heavily after they have tracked her down, exclaiming that Elektra must be severely injured to have been captured so relatively easy.

Elektra mets an anonymous with a kindly bedside manner who vows to look after her health. Osborn orders a more strict and rigid imprisonment for Elektra who had otherwise been recuperating from injuries. All the medical staff are replaced by those of Osborn’s choosing. Osborn essentially wishing to hold Elektra to find out what the Skrulls learned from testing on her. Elektra’s new medical attendees are less concerned with her health and more enthusiastic about extracting information for her, and they go about physically and mentally torturing her.

It is also revealed the extent of Elektra’s injuries even after three weeks of recuperation, the ninja dealing with two broken bones in her left leg, a ruptured ear, and eight broken ribs. Elektra’s new doctors also discover she had been subjected to various alien toxins and poisons by the Skrulls.

The mercenary known as Paladin manages to sneak into Elektra’s area, Elektra still restrained by her hands and feet, still being subjected to experimental procedures designed to extract information. Paladin has a history with Elektra and is there to kill her for both professional and business reasons. Paladin even reveals that the bounty on her head was 82 million dollars.

Elektra is further taunted by Paladin, but she frees herself by spitting one of her loose teeth into his throat, choking him. She is also immediately attacked by a group of HAMMER agents but she beats them all even though she has no real weapons at her disposal.

One particularly nervous HAMMER agent attempts to escape Elektra’s wrath by jumping out of the actual Helicarrier with a jetpack attached to his back, yet a confident Elektra sans any flight aids free dives after the agent killing him and using his body to cushion her fall. She seeks out Matt Murdock’s office to look for medical supplies, but she is confronted by a nervous and frightened Foggy Nelson. At that point Elektra is again overwhelmed by her serious injuries, additional blood loss and falls unconscious.

Elektra would find herself waken up in a new location after Foggy had taken her injured body to the Night Nurse. She and the Night Nurse are subsequently attacked. Elektra and the Night Nurse find the Night Nurses small medical center attacked and under fire. A redheaded one eyed woman bursts threw a window with twin Uzi weapons, as Elektra evades gunfire and saves Night Nurse from harm pushing the assassin back threw the window to take the fight to the alley way.

Elektra realizes that she is actually being targeted by a pair of assassins Nico and Carmine with Nico, the female feeding Elektra cryptic messages and Carmine, the male snipe-ring at Elektra from a rooftop location providing cover for his sister. Outnumbered and outgunning Elektra still manages to hold her own, displaying incredible speed, reflexes and agility.

The two mysterious assassins use their weapons and firepower advantage to pin Elektra down to a spot, however when they require a moment to reload Elektra swiftly moves engaging Nico in hand to hand combat quickly beating her. In defeat Nico accuses Elektra of wrong doing and misdeeds. Nico appears to know Elektra quite well, Elektra with no knowledge or answers despite Nico’s accusations. Elektra asserts Nico as spouting nonsense before rendering her unconscious. Elektra turns her attention to Carmine who is still using a sniper rifle some distance away on a roof top.

Before Elektra can reach the one eyed sniper, Bullseye dressed in his “Hawkeye” garb as a part of Norman Osborns Dark Avengers theme has entered the scenario and already killed Carmine. Elektra pauses ever so briefly after having scaled the tall building to get to Carmine, as she glances at the back of a third person wearing the suit of the Avenger Hawkeye, as she realizes that it is her long time enemy Bullseye.

Elektra readies herself as Bullseye engages in a discussion with her. The arrogant Bullseye taunts and mocks Elektra before attempting to kill her by throwing a bullet at her free hand, which preempts a physical confrontation between the two. Still injured and having already fought against Nico and Carmine Elektra struggles against Bullseye who is still fresh and under orders from Norman Osborn himself to eliminate Elektra.

Still Elektra can hold her ground and Bullseye appears to be enjoying his advantages. Nico interrupts the fight as she staggers towards her brother, now lifeless at the hands of Bullseye. Nice is grief stricken and attempts to wake her brother. With a sadistic grin Bullseye launches an arrow at Nico with lethal intent, only Elektra’s skillful intervention saving Nico.

After plucking the arrow out of the air Elektra realizes that it had been laced with toxic poisons. Realizing her mistake too late she is knocked off of the side of the top of the building by Bullseye. Elektra would attempt to grab a ledge, but would fall to the ground where she would realize Bullseye was already waiting.

The arrogant marksman would prepare to kill Elektra, as she would sprint towards him ready to attack. Using her speed and agility she would vaunt over him removing one of his spare arrows, impaling it, stabbing it, embedding it into Bullseye. Bullseye is mortally injured and he stumbles away desperately searching for HAMMER agents who may be able to heal him and save him from his wounds.

Elektra is not in much better of a physical state as Nico reluctantly tends to her. Nico aware Elektra saved her life, still questions her aggressively over the phrase “the stars are safe in the sky” wanting to know what it means.

Elektra once again explains the phrase means nothing to her and that she has no reason to lie. It had turned out that the Night Nurse had called Wolverine informing him of the situation. Wolverine assists Elektra with finding a place to lay low. Two weeks later Elektra has is rejuvenated and has recovered from her various injuries and battle wounds. Now back on her feet her curiosity surrounding the two red headed assassins can be addressed. Elektra had been using a safe house courtesy of Wolverine, with the three clawed mutant occasionally visiting to check up on her and giving her information about Nico.

Wolverine and Elektra would exchange information, both not quite certain when the last time they had actually met after the confusion of an Skrull Elektra impostor acting as Elektra for an extended period of time. Elektra and Wolverine part on respectful terms. She reports the death of her brother Carmine as well as explaining Elektra’s denial of the phrase “the stars are safe in the sky” leading Agent Brothers to express sympathy for Nicos loss. Agent Brothers turns his attention to hiring another assassin to eliminate Elektra and mentions hiring teleporting mercenary Solo.

Nico leaves the room only to be confronted by Elektra herself, Nico alerts Agent Brothers but Elektra quickly disables both. Elektra calmly and directly explains the situation with the Skrull impostor. Norman Osborn appears in a two way video feed explaining he had been aware of this side project of Agent Brothers.

Norman makes cryptic reference to Elektra’s ability to repress memories influencing her to quietly search her mind for memories. Nico and Agent Brothers realize this from her reaction as well, and draw to kill Elektra, however Elektra is faster and neutralizes both former SHIELD agents, somewhat reluctantly, but necessarily.

She departs with a heavy conscience. After the mutant X-Men member Domino witnesses the Red Hulk’s transformation and becomes one of the few people at the time to know and identify who he really was, Red Hulk must go into risk assessment mode, his secret to valuable. Although the Red Hulk pursued Domino keen to silence her, Dominos mutant fortune powers helped her evade and escape. Red Hulk decides the best way to deal with this potential threat to revealing his true identity is to assemble a team to track down and hunt Domino.

Red Hulk collects a number of specialists who have certain skills, including Deadpool , Punisher , Crimson Dynamo and Thundra , with Elektra rounding out the team. Elektra appears to be the only person in his team that Red Hulk has respect for, that and he valued her combat abilities.

Elektra appears at the groups first meeting last, exclaiming to the group that they do not need to worry about looking Domino as she has already located her.

Then Elektra and the rest of the group spot Domino, but they also realize that the rest of X-Force, Domino’s current team was present as well.

Code Red would enter and a tense period would ensue with a stand off of sorts between the two teams. Wolverine and Red Hulk would clash, with the rest of the teams following suit, Elektra herself opting instead to blend into the shadows. Domino would engage in battle with Thundra and gain the upper hand. While all the other fighters were preoccupied Elektra would use that opportunity to gain a physical advantage over Domino, pinning her to a bar top.

Elektra would question Domino, suspicious of the current circumstances and why Red Hulk had asked her to join his team. Surrounding chaos would create an explosion during which Elektra and Domino would disappear from the scene. Elektra would led Domino away from battle well aware of the potential of Red Hulk killing Domino to silence her.

Jumping across rooftops Elektra explains that distance is the best option right now. They need a way to prove the Code Red fight and X-Force was a set up. The explosion is devastating but Elektra and Domino manage to evade its effect.

Elektra tries to persuade Domino to run for safety as Elektra can hold off Red Hulk but Domino is unwilling to leave the assassin alone. As they soon become aware of though, it was not Red Hulk that had thrown a fire truck at them, but a new enemy, Red She Hulk who further announced her presence by tearing through a cement truck to get at the two fighters. Red She Hulk would aggressively and violently throw large objects at Domino, Elektra taking the opportunity to leap to higher ground, by somersaulting on to some steel girders.

Elektra would throw several shuriken at the Red She Hulk, Domino would use her guns to fire at her, but neither offense would harm the giant red woman.

Red She Hulk attacks and attempts to strip Domino dangling her over a edge. Elektra would use Red She Hulks lapse in concentration to deliver a brutal kick and sai attack to her back, catch Domino and swing her to safety. Elektra’s sai attack effectively neutralizing Red She Hulk via paralysis Elektra and Domino can escape. Red She Hulk would keep Elektra’s sai and one of Domino’s and use them to claim she had killed both.

The infamous organization of ninja thieves and assassins the Hand had asked their frequent enemy and superhero Daredevil as their leader. Daredevil was sure that he could control and pacify the organization and lead them into a new area where they woulds do good. After his long time nemesis Bullseye destroys a city block in Hells Kitchen killing over people Daredevil would take extreme action killing Bullseye for his crimes, also taking the law into his own hands as well.

This further signaling Matt Murdocks descent into the grip of the Hands demon lord. Erecting a giant fortress at the site of Bullseye destruction Daredevil would name this new fortress under his Hand’s control Shadowland. Elektra is brought into the situation by Master Izo for whom she is working and attempting to save Matt. Master Izo would appeal to Elektra to not let Murdock become what she has became. Several Hand ninja would appear before Elektra and explain to her that Daredevil will not tolerate her presence in New York, and that she is required to leave.

As they attempt to depart however Elektra would make her intent known, then she would proceed to kill them. She would fall during the battle after eliminating the ninja’s, landing on to street level and witness by a televised live report Matt Murdock killing Bullseye.

She would depart for the Shadowland itself. She arrives and intervenes before Daredevil can bring Bullseye back to life. Eventually a number of them confront Daredevil and although he is initially able to stop most of them, Iron Fist is able to stop him by his his chi abilities to heal him.

Matt is able to shake off the influence of the demon partly as Elektra enters his mind and coaches him to fight back. Afterwards Elektra is asked to join the newest Heroes for Hire. She is hired by Misty Knight and acts as an assassin but of villains. Her first mission is to assassinate Bernard Waterman, a biochemist and drug trafficker that had been importing Atlantean drugs.

Bernard Waterman also actually being an fake identity, belonging to Atlantean Kurod Ormaon. Bernard was a genius but greedy and paranoid. He had made a fortune of extracting an enzyme secreted by humans that could be used to get on a high for Atlanteans.

He would sell this drug known as Hook to humans and atlanteans alike making a small fortune. His drug however is incredibly dangerous killing many of its users. Misty would disable his penthouses security measures allowing Elektra to sneak in and make her kill, which she does with lethal efficiency despite the Atlantean’s powerful physiology. During the Spider-Island crossover event she is shown fighting alongside other members of her team as the arachnid infection of New York City continues.

This was planned by the Jackal in which genetically modified insects overrun New York City and give powers to minor criminals. Elektra is later sent to assist the Shroud at the Raft to quell rioting after the prison is destroyed by a possessed Juggernaut.

Shroud had starting to become outnumbered with super strong bruiser Mash Up and fire manipulator Firefight ready to attack him, until Elektra made a stealth attack, disabling the powerhouse and pyrotechnic. Despite their differences in work ethics, Shroud and Elektra continue to face and incapacitate more escaping Raft inmates.

She and the Shroud eventually confront the Purple Man and a group of other prisoners that he has recruited. Shroud and Elektra would face the superior numbers and hold their own, the Shroud would try to be proactive by cloaking the area in total darkness, guessing that Elektra’s ninja training would allow her to fight better than her opponents blinded by that virtue.

It works as Shroud and Elektra seem to turn the tide against the superior numbers. That is until Purple Man decides to use his powers to control Shroud and Elektra, pacifying both then ordering Elektra to kill Shroud. Elektra would stand with her sai pressed against the Shrouds throat as Purple Man pontificated, yet when he gave her the order to kill Shroud, Elektra would use the opportunity to attack Purple Man and continue to attack him.

Purple Man would flee in fear as Elektra helped Shroud recover. Shroud is amazed that Elektra was able to withstand and prove resistant to Purple Man’s pheromones, as she makes a off hand remark that she simply held her breath. Elektra is hired by the Koschei Russian Mafia syndicate and and mystical demonic being Baba Yaga to steal a mystical artifact from an art museum that they can use to fully empower Baba Yaga. The Koschei mafia are trying to restore Baba Yaga to her true glory as a way to intimidate and drive out the Kingpin and the Hand from what they consider their territory in Brooklyn.

Elektra seems partially inspired to steal the items just to spite the Kingpin. During Elektra’s attempt at stealing the mystic cloth artifact she runs afoul of the Kingpin’s Hand ninja’s but she is quick to defeat them, and does so even faster when the Greek god Hercules shows up with his father Zeus.

Hercules and his father have both seen better days, both have been reduced to mortal status, Zeus is even pudgy and out of shape, Hercules is utilizing weapons such as a sword and shield to compensate for his loss of godly strength, and other typical godlike powers.

Hercules also tries to flirt with Elektra as both converse in Greek and he mentions his mythological feats and godhood, however Elektra seems nonplussed by his bragging. Zeus is even more blatant with his advances making crude remarks towards Elektra, causing the Greek ninja to quickly and swiftly kick and punch the Olympian sky father, bring him to his knees.

She would also kick Hercules dropping him, giving her a chance to run off with the stolen artifact. She would then climb aboard Baba Yaya’s, dwelling, a cottage on chicken legs as Hercules would try to apprehend her. Elektra would find out she had stolen a segment of Merlins cloak for Baba Yaga, as she asked Baba Yaga what it was for, her curiously roused.

Elektra would become more suspicious of the abundance of children Baba Yaya had standing by questioning the witch more.

To avoid more questions, Baba Yaga tells Elektra that Hercules has aligned with the Kingpin and is waiting outside. Elektra returns to fight the Prince of Power.

Eventually she returns to Baba Yaga as the demoness had performed a ritual to revitalize herself. However as Hercules would attack Baba Yaga Elektra would assist stabbing the evil demonic woman in her back, allowing Hercules to decapitate her with the Sword of Peleus.

Elektra opting to attack Baba Yaga to save the young children she had been collecting. A smitten Hercules would escour Elektra out with the children. Elektra was attending to business in Afghanistan, working as an assassin when she was approached by General Thunderbolt Ross.

Under his Red Hulk guise, Ross was assembling a special team of operatives to eliminate evils of the world that other teams can’t handle. Elektra would be one of his first recruits, and unlike the rest of the team, Elektra would require little coercing.

The “Thunderbolts” group would be investigating the acquirement of dangerous gamma powered weapons by the countries dictator leader General Awa. Splitting off from the rest of their team, Elektra and Deadpool would attempt to infiltrate General Awa’s palace through underground tunnels, however during their part of first mission would be captured by the enemy General Awa’s soldiers, and although Deadpool would be left behind believed dead, Elektra would be led away and imprisoned in the palace.

During her incarceration she would discover that Madman, Philip Sterns was the mastermind and the position of power behind Kata Jaya’s government. Elektra would also be confronted by General Awa whose frustration apparent at being a figure head leader would detail her on his history with the United States government and his various disappointments and paranoia.

Awa would commit suicide and Venom would locate Elektra and free her from imprisonment. Elektra would go on to locate and assist Frank Castle who had been wounded and was about to be attacked by a contingent of soldiers still loyal to Madman and Awa. The last of the enemy combatants deaths would mark the arrival of Deadpool with the three proceeding to catch up to Venom and all four eventually making their way to an underground laboratory housing an elaborate system of human powered computers.

They would confront Red Hulk, Leader and Madman there with Madman finally killed in the ensuing conflict.

Thunderbolt Ross’s Thunderbolts are traveling by submarine in the sea of Okhotsk. Elektra has become seemingly more intimate with Frank Castle, having a negative affect on Deadpool who secretly admires the assassin. All the members of the team bar Ross, are suspicious of how much he is telling them, and seek to confront him to attain more information. After tracking down the first of the three Brokers Ross told the team about, the Broker received a call intended to set of a small gamma powered explosion.

After surviving the explosion, the team was attacked by five gamma powered Crimson Dynamos; Ross took out four and Elektra took out the last one. As the team regrouped to decide their next move, it was revealed that the terrorist who purchased the Gamma tech the team tried to track down in Kata Jaya and whom is also controlling the Crimson Dynamos that the Thunderbolts fought in the streets of Dagestan is Elektra’s brother, Orestez Natchios.

After speaking with Orestez, he kills Vanko, the man who supplied him with the Crimson Dynamo armor. Unknown to the team or to Orestez, Vanko and his minions were prepared for this, and an override was put into the suits. The terrorists now have control over the sets of armor, and they have been sent after Orestez. Elektra has several flashbacks that reveal a troubled past between her and her estranged brother whom she thought dead. As they arrive in London, a serious of strange events involving phones occur, and after leaping away into a crowded square with only Elektra and Leader, Ross picks up a dropped phone and it’s revealed that the Leader’s mind is somehow trying to communicate with them without the Leader being aware of it.

In the concluding issue to the arc, Leader’s self-communication leads them to Orestez’ position. Elektra realizes that the scenario is a trap designed to make the Thunderbolts appear to be terrorists, and pleads with Rulk to let her save her brother. He refuses and goes on the rampage as the Crimson Dynamos appear. In an effort to keep people from getting footage of the event, Leader causes a massive video blackout, and then Elektra leads him away from the action; Orestez manages to get away during the fight between Rulk and the Crimson Dynamo units.

Though we do not see it, Elektra reveals to Punisher that she has killed her brother. Three weeks after the events that appeared to lead to Orestez’s death, Punisher asks Elektra where she put her brother’s body.

She hesitates before answering, which leads Punisher to believe that Orestez is dead. He ends up being right, and hunts Orestez down. When Punisher has him cornered, he uses the threat of killing Elektra if he doesn’t come and face his death; his reasoning is that Elektra let a terrorist and monster go free, making her almost as bad as Orestez.

After the Punisher kills him and returns to Thunderbolts HQ, he temporary ends his sexual activity with Elektra while telling himself in his head that he could kill her now if he really wanted to.

But he ends up walking away. The following issue focuses on Mercy and her role on the team. Ross reveals that in order to keep an eye on her, he has assured that the team he brings together will provide Mercy with many opportunities to be surrounded by death. The Thunderbolts all put their names into a hat to decide which team member will lead the next mission.

Punisher has his name drawn, and he takes Elektra, Venom, and Deadpool with him to take out an elusive gang family. Elektra and Venom detain several gangsters in an attempt to locate the mafia family Punisher is after; during one of their interrogations Thanos’ forces commence their invasion. During the events of infinity Mercy killed many innocent people in New York city. The team decides the best course of action for her would be to banish her into Mephisto’s realm.

In order to do this they contact Johnny Blaze. However The Punisher refuses to travel to Mephisto’s realm, and Elektra stays behind with him since they need a even number.

After sitting around their new base, located in southern Michigan, Elektra decides that she is not going to just sit around when there is work to do. Elektra returns shortly and says that one of her contacts has a job for her not far from their location and asks Frank to join her, which he does. After they get to their destination The Punisher asks Elektra how she is sure that these guys are actually criminals, she says she trusts her contact, but before they can finish their conversation Mercy shows up and attacks them.

Mercy seems frantic. She knows something is wrong, yelling at Elektra and Frank, telling them to tell her where the rest of the group is.

They try to fight her off, but they are no match for her. She crushes Frank’s hand, and grabs both him and Elektra by their throats and flies high up into the air. At this moment the rest of the group complete their mission, summoning Mercy to Mephisto’s realm.

When she disappears Frank and Elektra fall a great distance, but Frank shields Elektra from taking any damage when they hit the ground, with him taking the full impact himself. When the rest of the group returns Elektra begs them to help Frank. He appears to be dying, with almost every bone in his body broken. Deadpool walks up to get a closer look at Frank, and when he does the angels feather that he was carrying, which he had gotten from the other realm, heals Frank back to normal.

When going after Doctor Faustus the team discovers a high school full of dead children which he had attacked. After apprehending Faustus, Ross is willing to let him work with the team.

The Punisher quits the team in protest. After being tricked by Leader to thinking that Ross tried to kill him, The Punisher tries to kill the Thunderbolts. Elektra meets him and tries to convince him to stop, but he doesn’t listen.

Elektra is the one that discovers that Leader was behind everything and reveals it to the rest of the group, but the group remains broken up. In Savage Wolverine 6, Elektra infiltrates a secure S. She approaches Wolverine for assistance, and the two of them come across Wilson Fisk in a park. At first Wolverine believes that they are there to kill Fisk, but Elektra stops his attack and it’s revealed that Elektra is currently working for Fisk, as both want Bullseye’s body to be destroyed.

By agreeing to help Elektra, Wolverine is also temporarily in Fisk’s employ. Elektra and Wolverine track down the Arbiters in an attempt to stop the resurrection of Bullseye. They come across Shikaru and Mikaru the Blind. As Wolverine attacks Shikaru, Elektra converses with Mikaru. Mikaru informs Elektra that she has been lied to, and allows her to proceed to the resurrection chamber.

Upon arriving, she discovers that not only were they too late to interrupt the ceremony, but that the Hand had no intention of reviving Bullseye. The individual that they truly brought back to send after Fisk is revealed to be his wife, Vanessa. In the last issue, we find that Wolverine has been subdued, and Elektra is attempting to fend off Shikaru because she refused to leave Wolverine behind.

Wolverine breaks free and beats Shikaru, but does not kill him. Wolverine said he doesn’t always make the right decision, to which Elektra retorts that she did not say he was wrong.

Recently Elektra was among a group of heroines called in to help Valkyrie subdue the Doom Maidens. During the attack, Valkyrie gave in to her own Rage and after killing the other Doom Maidens, defeated Elektra and the other heroines. While speaking to the group after returning to normal following the sacrifice of Annabelle, glimpses of future potential stories are revealed; one of these involve Elektra, Colleen Wing , and Namora underwater engaged in battle with other Atlanteans. In her solo series, Elektra picks up a contract offered by Matchmaker.

There is an assassin by the name of Cape Crow who many want dead. Crow took on an entire team of assassins sent by the Guild including Sabretooth and Taskmaster and defeated them all, leaving them for dead.

Elektra decided to try her hand, and left in search of the man. She also encountered Guild members Scalphunter and Lady Bullseye. Elektra effortlessly takes down Scalphunter. The only possible challenge is Lady Bullseye. After a brief duel, Elektra leaves the assassin for dead, and continues on, finding Kento who offers her far more money to help him and his father escape the clutches of the Guild. Elektra agrees and leaves with Kento. The two eventually find Cape Crow, and Elektra, along with Matchmaker, escort them around the world, from safe house to safe house, protecting them from the Guild’s assassins.

The Guild collects the bodies of the wounded, defeated assassins and grants them unique abilities through a healing process. Lady Bullseye returns for a rematch with the ability to vaporize at will. She takes the team by surprise, killing Matchmaker and wounding Crow. Elektra defeats her by breathing in a small part of Lady Bullseye’s face in vaporous form. The shock causes Lady Bullseye to revert to organic form, allowing Elektra to strike her down.

Lady Bullseye now has a large portion of skin missing from her face. Elektra leaves Kento and Crow behind, after they’ve paid her, and she lets them know that she thinks of them as friends. She took over his team to bring in Coulson, dead or alive.

However, Fitz was working as a double agent on Coulson’s order. Elektra didn’t know that though. Later, she gets a call from Deadpool, who was working with the last of the Avengers Unity Squad. Elektra was lying low in Vegas, drinking her sorrows, when she came across an abused bartender and decided to get vengeance on her behalf.

He had set up a new Murder World in Vegas and need a top-tier challenger like Elektra. She was forced into competition with a number of other Vegas performers, who had recently gone missing.

After she beat them, Elektra was forced to compete against Screwball directly for the life of her new bartender friend. Elektra got the upper hand when she snagged a helmet that controls Murder World. With a little pressure, he gave up who he was working for: Wilson Fisk. Dinah initially objected to Sara going, but Sara managed to convince her mother otherwise by claiming that she was in love with Oliver, needing to follow her heart and do what she felt was right.

Dinah then let her go and kept this encounter a secret. Sara and Oliver moments before the Gambit sinks. During their sail at sea, Sara and Oliver were in bed together in his cabin. While Sara was somewhat nervous about the storm and Laurel finding out of their affair, Oliver assured her they would be fine. Suddenly, the yacht which had been sabotaged on the orders of Malcolm Merlyn sank and Sara was pulled underwater, causing Oliver to believe that she had drowned.

Sara’s apparent death had multiple effects on the Lance family. For Laurel, she couldn’t properly grieve her sister after Sara betrayed her by sleeping with Oliver, but couldn’t be angry either because she had died, and thus struggled to come to terms with her death.

His drinking and work obsession eventually lead to Dinah divorcing him. Unable to face her family with this, she left for Central City after divorcing Quentin. However, Dinah correctly believed that Sara was still alive and spent years searching for her daughter. It wasn’t until over five years later that she was able to begin making amends with Quentin and Laurel after admitting the truth.

A few days after the Gambit sank, Sara was found by a ship called the Amazo , who took her on board but they imprisoned her in a cell. Later, the crew dragged Sara out of her cell and were going to take her away, but were stopped by a grey-haired man, who brought Sara to his quarters. This man introduced himself as Dr. Anthony Ivo.

He claimed that he was going to save the human race, and asked if Sara would join him. For the next year, Ivo protected Sara from the cruelty of his men and taught her many skills in the fields of biology, chemistry, and technology. Sara assisted Ivo in his work and participated in torturing his prisoners through his experiments, though only because she was secretly terrified she would be the next test subject.

Sara still felt a sense of loyalty towards Ivo for saving her life, no matter how cruel he became. A year later, Sara reunited with Oliver when he was brought aboard the Amazo.

She kicked Oliver in the stomach, knocking him down, and acted cold when she saw Ivo approaching. Later, Sara let Oliver out of his cell and took him to a radio to contact his friends, Slade Wilson and Shado who were still on Lian Yu. However, just when they made contact, Ivo and his men appeared, revealing it was a set-up to figure out if his friends were still alive. When the captain tried to kill Oliver, Sara instead suggested keeping him alive to find the gravesite, which Ivo agreed to.

Sara went with Oliver, Ivo, and the crew of the Amazo onto the island and towards the crashed plane where Oliver and his friends had resided. She watched as Ivo ordered his men to shoot the place up after Oliver screamed for Slade and Shado to run. When they found the place empty, Ivo left a bomb in the plane and had Oliver lead them to the gravesite. Soon, Shado and Slade ambushed the crew at arrow and gun point and demanded Oliver back.

When Ivo released him, Oliver punched the captain in the face, grabbed Sara, and escaped. After Sara revealed this to them, Oliver asked if it could cure Slade. Oliver injected Slade, even after Sara told him that Slade would likely not survive it without a sedative. Slade began to react badly, with eradic screaming and blood pouring from his eyes. Eventually, he turned quiet and Sara confirmed he had no heartbeat. Before they could begin to mourn, Ivo and his men barged in, taking the three of them captive.

Ivo forces Oliver to choose between Sara and Shado. Anthony took Sara and Shado hostage and held them in front of Oliver, telling him to pick who would die between Shado and Sara, threatening to kill them both if Oliver didn’t decide within 30 seconds. After the time had passed, Ivo aimed his gun at Sara, only for Oliver to run in front of her in a desperate attempt to stop him from killing her.

Taking that as his choice, Ivo quickly turned his gun over to Shado and shot her in the head. Just then, the newly Mirakuru-empowered Slade appeared and saw Shado dead. In his rage, he killed Ivo’s men and stole the rest of the Mirakuru, but Ivo managed to escape.

When Slade asked who killed Shado, Sara quickly answered that Ivo just shot Shado for no apparent reason. They buried Shado next to her father ‘s grave and Sara warned Oliver not to tell Slade why Shado died, because now that he had the Mirakuru inside of him he could be unpredictable and dangerous. As they were walking, Sara and Oliver asked Slade where they were going and he responded that they were heading back to the plane in order to get geared up to kill Ivo and his men.

Sara told him he couldn’t as Ivo had too many dangerous people working for him. This angered Slade who accused Sara of still working for Ivo but Oliver stepped between them. Slade lifted Oliver a foot off the ground, choking him.

Sara promptly hit Slade with a branch, making him let go of Oliver and causing him to realize what he’d done. Later that night, Ivo contacted them through Sara’s radio, telling them they had ten days to deliver the Mirakuru to him and in turn he would give them safe passage off of the island.

And if they didn’t comply, he would send his men in to take it by force and take them in to be experimented on. They turned to consult with Slade, only to realize that he had disappeared and taken the Mirakuru with him. At night they had a heart-to-heart but after Oliver fell asleep, she took the radio and contacted Ivo.

He asked if she was okay but she questioned if he even cared as not long ago he was close to shooting her. He claimed he would never have done that but she was upset that he killed Shado.

He tried to win her sympathy, saying the darkness had taken over and that he needed her but Sara told him she would rather die than help him again. Oliver and Sara tracked Slade down to the cave with the gravesite but when they got there he was nowhere to be found. Oliver spotted some calculations on a wall which he recognized as identical to the ones on Edward Fyers ‘ missile launcher, and therefore deduced that Slade was going to destroy the Amazo with the missiles.

They rushed to the missile launchers as quick as they could and found Slade inputting the calculations. Oliver managed to talk him down and they decided to take the Amazo for themselves. Sara tries to save the dying pilot. The three of them surveyed the freighter and brainstormed ideas on how to board it when they heard a plane.

They tried to signal it, though it was quickly shot down with a missile. They ran to find it and discovered its dying pilot. Sara attempted to save him, but he was fatally injured. As he lay dying, the man asked Sara to find his daughter, Cindy , and take care of her. Sara promised to do so. The man gave Sara a picture of Cindy before succumbing to his wounds.

In the midst of this, however, Oliver noticed a bagged parachute, remarking how it could get them on to the freighter. Preparing for battle, Sara concocted some cocculus indicus to counteract sodium pentathol, which Sara with all her knowledge of Ivo’s tactics assumed he would use on Oliver.

They agreed to destroy the Mirakuru to make sure that even if their plan went south, Ivo would never get his hands on it. Later that night, Slade produced a bottle of Australian rum, one of the few things that survived the plane’s crash, for them all to drink to commemorate their last night on the island.

Sara later asked Oliver that if she would not make it, he’d tell her family that she died on the Queen’s Gambit so they could remember her as she was then. The next day, they prepared for battle. Oliver purposefully got himself captured while Sara and Slade kept watch from a highpoint on the island. As Sara had predicted, Ivo had Oliver injected with sodium pentothal or truth serum. Per Sara’s instructions, Oliver acted dazed and began answering Ivo’s questions, claiming Sara and Slade had built a raft and were in the engine room of the ship.

Ivo sent all his men there to find them and Oliver was taken back to his cell, but along the way he knocked the guards out and took their keys. Sara and Slade watched from the island and after seeing them clearing the deck they jumped of the cliff with the parachute, landing on the top deck. They split up and Sara went to free the other prisoners. However, one of the prisoners, Hendrick Von Arnim , who despised her for working with Ivo, jumped on her and started choking her.

She was saved by another prisoner, Thomas Flynn , who knocked him out and followed Sara to the top deck. As gunfire broke out between the crew and the prisoners, Sara took cover and was soon joined by Oliver who informed her that Ivo had told Slade the truth about Shado’s death and he had now turned on them. Realizing the battle was lost, Sara told Oliver they had to retreat, so they along with some of the prisoners, one of whom was Anatoly Knyazev , jumped the ship and swam to the shore although Oliver was caught by Slade at the last minute and taken captive.

Sara took the prisoners with her to their old base where she was contacted by Slade on the radio. He told her that the engine had broken and he was willing to free Oliver if she gave him Hendrick, who was an engineer. Sara lied that Hendrick hadn’t made it to the island but Slade called her bluff and gave her one hour to deliver Hendrick to him or he would kill Oliver. Hendrick started pointing his gun at Anatoly, but Sara knocked him out from behind and then agreed to Slade’s terms.

She had Anatoly extract the explosives out of a landmine and planted them on Hendrick before handing him over. However, once they made the trade, Slade found the explosives and pulled his gun on Sara but he soon concluded that dying would be too good for them and they deserved to suffer on the island until their deaths.

Anatoly attempted to torture Ivo, only to be stopped before he could when Ivo told them there was, in fact, a cure to the Mirakuru and a possible way to stop Slade.

Ivo offered to help them find it if they could provide him with a quick death due to the gangrene traveling in his system due to his arm stump. They agreed to the deal and after being told where the cure was, Sara prepared to shoot him but Oliver stopped her, shooting him himself as to spare Sara of the heaviness of having to take a life. They went back to the Japanese submarine where Oliver convinced Anatoly to pilot it, having been in the Russian Navy.

However, after realizing it was stuck, they concocted a use the ships torpedoes to blast themselves out. Oliver asked Sara to wait outside for safety [35] but she was found by Slade who took her captive at the Amazo. Oliver came after her and freed her from her cell. He told her leave while he would try to cure Slade of the Mirakuru, though she refused to leave without him and they both made their way to Ivo’s quarters.

However, there they were ambushed by Slade who revealed that he had the cure. Slade took Sara and Oliver to watch him inject numerous prisoners with Mirakuru and see it fail as the prisoners died.

Anatoly then fired another torpedo at the Amazo and the ship began to flood. Oliver grabbed an arrow, killing Slade’s men where he could. Before Slade could grab the Mirakuru, Oliver was able to, however, he was able to grab Sara.

Slade threw Sara down the hole in the ship, leaving Oliver to again believe that Sara had drowned. Unable to find any trace of Oliver or Slade, Sara believed them to be dead. Nyssa , the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul , found and saved Sara. Soon thereafter, Sara was discovered by Nyssa al Ghul on Lian Yu, nearly starved to death and having lost the will to live. Nyssa nursed her back to health and took her in.

Nyssa was part of the League of Assassins and took Sara to Nanda Parbat [18] where she was brought before Ra’s al Ghul to determine her fate.

As he demonstrated his power, which had made all before her fear him, Sara had simply laughed. At some point during her time with the League, Sara and Nyssa fell in love and began a relationship. Sara was also trained by Ra’s al Ghul as part of her League training. On one mission, Sara was sent to Guyana to kill local diplomat Suarez.

She slit his throat in his bed and left his body to be found by his children the next morning. Sara as the original Canary of Starling City. After the Undertaking , Sara left Nanda Parbat to check on her family. Sara became a vigilante, mainly targeting men who attacked women. She then swiftly vanished. The two vigilantes used the chaos to quickly escape the scene. Sometime later when Roy was lured into her hideout by Sin, The Canary knocked him out with her staff.

She asked why he was looking for her, but was interrupted by a message on Roy’s phone from Thea Queen , telling him that Laurel and Quentin had been kidnapped. The Canary immediately took off to save her family, letting Roy go. The Canary arrives at Dollmaker ‘s hideout. The Canary easily subdued him but Mathis managed to drop a load of pipes on her, pinning her to the ground.

Before he could harm her, The Arrow came in and shot Mathis with two arrows. Despite the Arrow’s intentions to take the serial killer back to prison, The Canary killed him by hurling her baton through his chest before vanishing. Upon returning to her hideout, The Canary was confronted by a member of the League, who informed her that Ra’s al Ghul wanted her to return.

The Canary tried to persuade the assassin to lie to Ra’s that he couldn’t find her, but he refused. She then killed the man to protect her whereabouts. After realizing that The Canary was following Laurel, Oliver tracked her down near Laurel’s apartment building and unmasked her. Upon seeing her face, Oliver was shocked that Sara was still alive. Although she soon made her escape. The next day, Sara had breakfast with Sin, during which she revealed her run-in with the Arrow. The two discussed their families, with Sara talking about Quentin and Laurel.

That night, Sara followed Oliver to Verdant , where he confirmed that he kept her existence a secret from her family. Quentin then arrived to talk to Oliver. Sara listened as Quentin revealed Laurel’s depression and alcoholism in the wake of Tommy Merlyn ‘s death and was saddened as her father recounted how much Sara’s death affected them.

After Sin was injured by the gang-lord calling himself The Mayor and taken to hospital, Sara and Oliver teamed up to take him down. Working together hand-in-hand, they defeated The Mayor with Sara showing off her fighting skills.

Sara tried to kill him but Oliver convinced her to spare him to be arrested. Later, Sara secretly watched over Sin at the hospital, where she ran into Oliver. Oliver tried to persuade Sara to tell her family the truth and return home permanently. Sara and Team Arrow plan attacks on Al-Owal. Sara began staying with Oliver at the Queen Mansion , though she struggled with nightmares of the Queen’s Gambit sinking. Oliver again tried to convince her to tell her family but she dismissed it, not sure they would be so happy to see her as he thought.

One day, they were attacked by Al-Owal , a member of the League of Assassins. Sara tried to fight back, but was overpowered. However, Oliver managed to fend Al-Owal off. Sara revealed to the team that she was once part of the League of Assassins and now, they are on the hunt to bring her back to their leader, Ra’s al Ghul.

Oliver and Sara then tracked down Al-Owal, only to learn he had reinforcements. After a heated battle, the two narrowly escaped with their lives. Fearing retaliation against Sara, Oliver decided to protect the whole Lance family, but when Quentin refused to listen to Felicity’s warnings of danger, Sara decided that it was time to reveal herself to her father.

He was rejoiced upon realizing Sara was alive. He soon realized she was the new vigilante and had been back in town for weeks and was hurt when she admitted she wouldn’t have let them known of her return if it wasn’t for the assassins. Sara and Quentin fight the members of the League of Assassins. Sara brings Quentin to her hideout where they are attacked by Al-Owal and his two companions. They start fighting them off and are joined by Oliver who helps them defeat the assassins.

Sara kills Al-Owal and leaves one alive to run to Ra’s to tell him that her family is off limits. She was afraid of what her father would think of her after seeing that but he assured her that she was a his daughter and this wouldn’t change that.

Sara then left Starling City to draw the League away from her family. She bid goodbye to her father and made him promise not to tell Laurel and Dinah that she was alive. A couple months later, after Laurel’s unraveling lead to her facing disbarment and she started drinking too much and pushing the people around her away, Oliver contacted Sara, explaining that her sister needed her.

Later that night, Sara paid a visit to Laurel at her apartment , but Laurel suddenly passed out. While Laurel recovered at the hospital, Sara dealt with her frustrations by working out in the Arrowcave. She considered leaving again despite Oliver’s protests. Then, the Arrow got a call from Quentin asking for Sara, who he knew was back. Sara later met up with her father who pleaded with her to stay but she insisted that as long as the League was still after her, they were all in danger.

When Sara walked down a street, Nyssa al Ghul arrived, holding a knife. She approaches Sara and the two kiss. Sara and Nyssa went for a walk, and Nyssa begged Sara to come back but Sara told her she couldn’t go back to killing and asked Nyssa to release her. After sharing another close moment, Sara told Nyssa she wouldn’t go back, and to do what she had to.

Sara stood waiting as Nyssa drew her dagger from her thigh but then pulled away, not being able to go through with it. Sara returns to the Arrowcave where she discovers that Laurel didn’t have an overdose but was poisoned by Nyssa as a way to draw her back to the city. Sara and Oliver goes after her, but Sara is horrified to discover Nyssa has taken her, mom Dinah Lance , giving Sara only 24 hours to rejoin the League or her mother dies.

They get away and Sara returns to tell Quentin what has happened, also filling him in on her and Nyssa’s past relationship, giving him a slight shock. She asks him if this upsets him but he tells her he’s just glad she had someone to care for her during all those hard years she spent away. Oliver, Sara, and Quentin track down an assassin for information, but he kills himself before he can tell them anything. Sara then decides to give herself over, but poisons herself with Tibetan pit viper venom as Nyssa returns Dinah to Quentin.

The venom begins to take effect, weakening Sara and causing her to collapse. Nyssa holds Sara in her arms and cries upon realizing what she did.

Once Oliver arrives he and Nyssa began to fight. Sara pulls herself up from the floor just as Oliver gets the upper hand and begs him not to kill Nyssa. She weakly walks over to them before collapsing and passing out. Oliver runs over to her and manages to counter the poison causing her to wake up and gasp for air. Sara turns to Nyssa and begs her – no more killing, then Nyssa tearfully releases her from the League.

Soon after, Quentin and Dinah arrive with Laurel who is shocked. At Laurel’s apartment, Sara shared a happy reunion with her parents. However, Laurel rejected Sara’s attempts to reconnect, bitter with her sister over the past, blaming her for everything going wrong in their lives and hurt that she had not told them she was still alive. A guilt-ridden Sara tried to apologize, only for Laurel to throw her out. Heartbroken, Sara later returned to the Arrowcave and encountered Oliver, both of them feeling betrayed by their families.

Sara expressed that at least she is home now. The two of them began kissing passionately and slept together. Sara officially joins Team Arrow and quickly bonds with Diggle over battle scars. She is reluctant to go to her homecoming party and tells Oliver their relationship a secret for Laurel’s sake. She attends the party is disappointed that Laurel didn’t come. At the party, she is greeted by Sin who runs to hug her, raising suspicion in Oliver’s sister Thea so she lies that they don’t know each other with Sin saying she just loves when people came back from the dead.

When one of William Tockman ‘s victims are found, Sara and Oliver leave the party early to investigate. Sara trains Felicity Smoak. Sara finds Felicity, feeling left out in the Arrowcave, and punching a sparring dummy so she helps her with her stance. She tries to to ask her if she was okay but was interrupted by Diggle and Oliver arriving.

Afterward, at the scene of another bank robbery, the Canary is able to injure William, collecting a sample of his blood. Sara later analyzes it and is able to determine that William is suffering from MacGregor’s Syndrome a rare terminal illness which they could use to identify him. The Arrow and the Canary go to the address of William’s sister, only to find a device that destroys the Arrowcave’s computer system.

Felicity tells Sara that she shouldn’t miss her family dinner for the sake of the mission. Nervous about seeing Laurel again, Sara asks Oliver to come with her. At the dinner, Laurel realizes that Sara and Oliver are in a relationship and gets extremely angry, berating everyone at the table before storming off. When Oliver and Sara return to the Arrowcave, they learned that Felicity has broken into Starling National Bank , hoping to use their computer system to track William.

The Arrow, Canary, and Diggle meet Felicity there to help her. In the final showdown, Felicity saves the Canary’s life, takes a bullet for her and manages to take William down by blowing up his cell phone. In the Arrowcave, Sara patches Felicity up while thanking her for saving her life. After getting a job as a bartender at Verdant , Laurel showed up to make amends. She told her how she had been drowning ever since Sara disappeared on that boat.

Laurel tearfully begged Sara not to hate her. Sara simply embraced her and the sisters reconciled. She is shocked and tells the rest of the team who he is. She brings Roy Harper and Diggle to the Queen mansion, believing Oliver and his family to be in danger. Sara climbed the house and went in through a window on the second floor while Diggle was positioned outside with a gun.

She descended the stairs as if she had been there all along, confronting Slade, who was pretending to be a normal houseguest to Oliver’s mom and sister, while he shook hands with Roy. Faced with all these people, Slade made his excuses and left, with the promise to return.

After this incident, Oliver started having nightmares and Sara tried to get Oliver to talk about his problems, commenting on his lack of sleep, but she had no success.

Later while bartending, Sara confided in Laurel while helping her sister fill a job application form at Verdant. After Oliver collected information on Slade from the Bratva , Sara confronted him again, telling him he needed help and that Shado’s death was not his fault. Oliver instead told Sara to stay away from him, not wanting her to be a target of Slade’s vendetta. Eventually, though, Oliver came back to Sara, confessing that he could not get Slade on his own, and the two promised each other to do so together.

The Canary and Arrow watched over Quentin and his men as they were trying to detain some criminals, including Frank Bertinelli and quickly intervened. Quentin was injured during the fight, enraging Sara and causing her to force a criminal off the rooftop.

Alarmed, Quentin told Sara to show restraint next time. The team realized Frank’s daughter, Helena Bertinelli aka the Huntress, was back in town and would be trying to kill her father. Sara was slightly amused when Felicity and Diggle revealed Helena was Oliver’s “psycho ex-girlfriend”. The Arrow, Canary, and Roy intercepted Helena’s car but found it to be a decoy. When Adam Donner rehired Laurel and assigned her to prosecute Frank, Sara tried to convince her sister to drop the case, knowing that it would make her a target of the Huntress.

When Laurel remained on the case, Sara was scared for her sister’s safety and upset when Oliver planned a non-lethal way to take Helena down. When Helena took hostages at the Courthouse, Laurel got into a fight with one of her henchmen, forcing Sara, as the Canary, to intervene and take him down.

She led Laurel through the building and they hid from Helena’s men in and empty office. When Laurel reaches for a bottle, the Canary reminds her of her sobriety. Laurel questions how she knew about that, after which she points out the 30 days chip on her key chains. Laurel opens up about not feeling she is strong enough for Sara, unaware Sara is the one she’s talking to.

The Canary encourages her to show her she’s strong now and so Laurel puts down the bottle. As they made their way towards the exit, Laurel refused to leave without helping to rescue the hostages first. Just as Helena was about to kill the first hostage, Sara intervened, throwing in her sonic device which shattered all the windows. Laurel started helping all the hostages flee while Sara battled the Huntress. She tried to non-lethally incapacitate Helena, but the latter eventually disarmed Sara of her bo-staff, using it to beat Sara up and throw her out a window.

Sara managed to avoid falling to death and Oliver saved her when Helena tried to shoot her. Although Sara was horrified as Laurel was still inside. The Canary almost kills Huntress. Later, Helena offered to release Laurel in exchange for her father. Oliver and Sara managed to kidnap Frank from police custody with Quentin’s help and arrived at a meeting place with Helena and Laurel. The Canary then faced The Huntress again and this time vowed to not hold back.

She managed to overpower her. A furious Sara almost choked Helena to death for harming her sister. However, Laurel begged her not to so Sara agreed to spare her. Sara threatens Roy with a poisoned arrow. She was present at the confrontation with Wilson, donning her Canary suit, where Oliver decided to call the police on him and have him arrested.

After Slade’s release by the police due to lack of evidence, Sara partook in the attempt to follow him, driving a motorcycle and following Felicity’s directions. However, Slade managed to escape. When Roy, who blamed Oliver for Thea’s capture, started lashing out and attacked Biggle, Sara aimed her bow at him, threatening to kill him unless he let Dig go. Oliver interrupted them and the still furious Roy left the team. She was also present at the police station when Thea was released, and watched as her father was arrested for working with the vigilante.

Sara joined Team Arrow in breaking into Queen Consolidated ‘s applied sciences division and blowing it up after Isabel Rochev took control of the company and used its resources to aide Slade in mass-producing Mirakuru to build an army. She also visited her father in prison while Laurel was trying to get him to give up the Arrow’s identity.

When Slade infiltrated the Arrowcave, Sara, Oliver, and Diggle attempted to fight him, but they were all easily taken out. During the subsequent visit to the hospital, Laurel saw Sara’s scars, leading her to figure out that Sara was the Canary. Later, the Arrow and Canary tried to stop Deathstroke from breaking into S. Labs , but arrived too late. They returned to their base where they found out he had stolen an invention which he could use to deliver blood from one person into multiple others at ones, thus delivering his blood to multiple people and creating his Mirakuru-induced army.

Sara and Laurel both visited their father after he was attacked in prison, and Laurel managed to bail him out after he convinced her not to pursue the vigilantes anymore. Meanwhile, Oliver had attempted to stop Slade from using his blood on a group of prisoners only to find he had kidnapped Roy and used his blood instead.

Back at the Arrowcave, Sara took care of Roy who had fallen unconscious. Sara and Oliver are informed by Felicity that Roy has woken up and has become unrecognizable and filled with violent rage. Team Arrow patrol the city, trying to track him down. Sara is worried when Sin appears, telling her she was attacked by Roy but Sin insists that Roy’s her friend and needs help as opposed to getting beat up.

Later, the Arrow and Canary confronts Roy at Sara’s hideout but he beats them up, leaving Oliver with a broken knee before fleeing and killing a police officer in the process. Sara was convinced that Roy was too far gone and they had no other option than killing him so she armed up to do so, against Oliver’s wishes. When Roy comes to Verdant and starts strangling Thea, Sara almost shoots him, but is prevented from doing so by Sin, who stands between them until Oliver showed up and put Roy down with poisoned arrows.

Later, Sara confesses that she had wanted to kill Roy and would have so him if Oliver didn’t intervene. Sara stated that because of all those years spent in the darkness as an assassin that was the person she had turned into. She breaks up with Oliver, stating that he deserves someone better and she cares too much for him to be with him. As Sara gets on her motorcycle, Sin arrives to ask how she is doing. Sara replies that she has had a rough day and hugs Sin goodbye.

She drove away from Starling City, telling Sin that she was going to see “an old friend”. Sara arrived back in Starling City just in time to save Laurel from one of Slade Wilson’s masked soldiers, after which Laurel revealed she knew about her secret identity. Afterwards Sara fell apart, telling Laurel she was not the hero she believed her to be and that she was irredeemable.

Laurel managed to get Sara out of her identity-crisis, by commenting on the fact that the innocence and beauty in her were not all gone yet. As the Canary, she saved a little girl from a burning building, causing citizens to comment on her as a hero which she overheard. Willing to do whatever it took to defeat Slade and protect her family, Sara had gotten back in contact with Nyssa who agreed to help fight Slade and his army after Sara promised to go back to Nanda Parbat with her.

At the police station, Sara watched as the League of Assassins sedated Laurel. Afterwards, Sara brought Nyssa and six other assassins to the Arrowcave. Oliver was reluctant to accept the League’s help, insisting they did not need to resort to killing to win this fight. Together, they assaulted the Queen Consolidated building and took down Slade’s bodyguards while Slade managed to escape out of a window.

Quentin Lance joined them after one of Wilson’s men managed to abduct Laurel. Sara and other allies of Team Arrow march to battle Slade Wilson ‘s army. Sara, Oliver, Roy, and the assassins made their way to the Giordano Tunnel, via where Slade’s army was trying to escape the city.

After they neutralized the army using the Mirakuru cure , Sara and Oliver made their way to Wilson’s hideout, where Felicity injected Wilson with the cure. Sara took Laurel and Felicity to safety while Oliver battled Wilson. Once the city was safe, Sara said her goodbyes to Laurel and Quentin, giving her sister her jacket as a parting gift and assuring them she was leaving out of her own volition.

She then boarded a ship with Nyssa and the League. On the way to her next job, Sara stopped off in Starling City to pay a visit to her friends. Outside of Verdant , Sara came across Diggle, who’d been beaten by an intoxicated Oliver. She brought Diggle to the Arrowcave and shared a hug with Felicity, who was happy to see her again.

Felicity attempted to find out about Sara’s next job, though she was unable to reveal. Sara offered to bring Oliver in and found him on a rooftop.

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Sep 17,  · Time travel has always captured the popular imagination. In the bestselling book “A Brief History of Time” by the late Stephen Hawking, three means of time travel were proposed, firstly in a universe where space-time is sufficiently warped, secondly if one travels faster than light and lastly if one is able to travel through a. Jun 28,  · It’s amazing how much of ‘Progressive’ dynamics can be summed up in (1) Mean Girls, (2) Cool Kids, (3) Because We Say So and Shut Up! — but not amazing how much of the Woke Establishment these recent days is too embroiled in assorted in-fighting over who didn’t use what pronouns, etc., to do awfully much. Apr 02,  · Directory List Medium – Free ebook download as Text File .txt), PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. jhjgh letters shim small empty lib mt pressreleases developer gif ru opensource manual lastpost Help net columnists privmsg smile tour up thread get release cc hr do epaper locked delphi port colophon doom

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