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Autodesk Raster Design service pack 1 bit. Web application. You need to click in the graphics window to specify the first point of the line. Retrieved March 27, PC Magazine.


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Annotative objects are defined at a paper height. See also aliasing. Application menu The Windows-based menu that is displayed when you click the Application button in the upper-left corner of the application window. The application menu contains common tools for creating, saving, and publishing a file. See also fit points and interpolation points.

Multiple copies of selected objects in a rectangular or polar radial pattern. ARRAY 2. A collection of data items, each identified by a subscript or key, arranged so a computer can examine the collection and retrieve data with the key. BHATCH associative surfaces Associative surfaces automatically adjust their location and shape when the geometric objects associated with them are modified. Attribute values can be predefined, or they can be specified when the block is inserted.

Attribute data can be extracted from a drawing and saved to a text file. The contents and format are determined by the attribute extraction template file. See also attribute extraction template file. See also attribute extraction file. See also attribute definition, attribute tag, and attribute value. See also attribute definition, attribute prompt, and attribute value.

See also attribute definition, attribute prompt, and attribute tag. AutoCAD A free, web-based mobile and desktop app that is useful for viewing, editing, and sharing drawings with colleagues, consultants, and clients in remote locations. Autodesk A A cloud-based platform that gives you access to storage, a collaboration workspace, and cloud services to help you design, visualize, simulate, and share your work with others anytime and anywhere.

Autodesk A folder A folder on your local computer that stores files and folders to be synchronized with Autodesk A Open this folder by clicking its icon on your desktop or in the Windows notification area also called the system tray. Autodesk Account Subscription members can access the latest releases of Autodesk software, incremental product enhancements, and additional services. Individual characters can have descenders that drop below the baseline. See also baseline dimension. Also called parallel dimensions.

See also baseline. In the context of editing grips, the grip that changes to a solid color when selected to specify the focus of the subsequent editing operation. A point for relative distance and angle when copying, moving, and rotating objects. The insertion base point of the current drawing. BASE 4. The insertion base point for a block definition.

Bezier curve A polynomial curve defined by a set of control points, representing an equation of an order one less than the number of points being considered. A Bezier curve is a special case of a B-spline curve. See also B-spline curve. Labels are displayed on each wheel wedge and they are larger than the size of the cursor. In color graphics, a different value represents each red, green, and blue component of a pixel. Commonly used for either block definition or block reference.

A dynamic block definition usually contains at least one action that is associated with a parameter. Used in the Block Editor to create dynamic blocks. See also dynamic constraint and annotational constraint.

See also block and block reference. Sometimes called the block symbol table or block table. See also named object.

Replacement for lookup properties in the future. Also called an instance. Bounded areas are used to create objects such as hatches. B-spline curve A blended piecewise polynomial curve passing near a given set of control points. This only applies to surfaces that have G1 or G2 continuity. Each button on the pointing device except the pick button can be defined in the customization file, which is acad.

Callout blocks have many industry-specific terms, such as reference tags, detail keys, detail markers, and so on. See also label block. A camera has a location XYZ coordinate, a target XYZ coordinate, and a field of view or lens length, which determines the magnification or zoom factor. An adjacent cell selection can be surrounded with a cell boundary. When set to Yes, a change in an action that contains the parameter in the action’s selection set triggers any actions associated with that parameter, just as if you had edited the parameter in the block reference through a grip or custom property.

The xref that creates the circular condition is ignored. Because it has a vertex that is tangent to the object, if the curve is reshaped, it may create kinks. See also periodic curve. Because it has a vertex that is tangent to the object, if the surface is reshaped, it may create kinks. See also periodic surface. CMYK For cyan, magenta, yellow, and key color.

A system of defining colors by specifying the percentages of cyan, magenta, yellow, and the key color, which is typically black. Color bleed scale Increases or decreases the saturation of the reflected color from the material. A single column is one cell in width.

A form of parametric design. Rules that govern the position, slope, tangency, dimensions, and relationships among objects in a geometry. For example, selecting a hatch or table, or starting the MTEXT command displays a corresponding contextual ribbon. Also called chain dimension. Continuity is defined as G0 position , G1 tangency , and G2 curvature.

G0 Position – The curves or surfaces join in the same location position only ; they touch. But the tangency and curvature do not match. G1 Tangent – The position and tangency between the surfaces match. This indicates G1 position and tangency continuity between the surfaces. G2 Curvature – The position, tangency, and curvature between the surfaces match. This indicates G2 position, tangency, and curvature continuity between the two surfaces.

These points are connected by a series of line segments for visual clarity and to distinguish the control frame from fit points. These points act as grips that can be dragged to reshape the object. Coons patch In 3D surface meshes, the bicubic surface one curved in the M direction and another in the N direction interpolated between four edges. Also called X,Y,Z point filters. Coordinate systems come in various types such as geographic, projected, etc.

A CS always specifies the units of measurement. Cross sections can be open or closed. A lofted solid or surface is drawn in the space between the cross sections. Contains plot styles and their characteristics defined by their color assignments. Pressing and releasing the Ctrl key cycles the behavior. For constrained geometry, Ctrl-cycling switches between enforcing and relaxing constraints. A concentric circle drawn at its base denotes the margin of error in its location.

Location sensors must be enabled to view the current position indicator. The curve passes through all vertices of the polyline and uses any tangent direction you specify.

See also proxy object and object enabler. It consists of the control vertices and the lines that connect them in the U and V directions The hull sits outside of not on the surface. For example, Latitude always precedes longitude. See also default value. Faces are lighted by two distant light sources that follow the viewpoint as you move around the model. See also default. See also named objects. Definition points, also called defpoints , are stored on the reserved, non-plotting Defpoints layer.

For example, equations of degree 1 are linear, degree 2 are quadratic, and degree 3 are cubic. See also named object and symbol table. Design Coordinate System In the geolocation feature, an AutoCAD specific coordinate system that provides flexibility in choosing a different unit of measure, insertion point, and orientation than that specified by the coordinate system CS.

These posts are interactively shared online with designated colleagues and clients through Autodesk A This enables drawings to support design feed if they are saved in a local drive or folder rather than in your Autodesk A account. DGN underlay See underlay. When the value of a dimensional constraint is changed, the constrained object resizes. The dimension text near this arc sometimes divides it into two arcs. See also angular dimension. Dockable windows include the command window, tool palettes, the Properties palette, and so on.

ZOOM drawing folder The drive and folder path of the current drawing. Any drawing file can be saved as a DWT file. See also initial environment. DSD For drawing set descriptions. A file format for saving a description of a drawing set that has been assembled using the Publish dialog box.

DST For sheet set data. The XML file format used to store the associations and information that define a sheet set. DWF An open, published, and secure file format developed by Autodesk, DWF enables you to combine and publish design data and share it with others. DWF underlay See underlay. Generically referred to as DWF. DXF For drawing interchange format. An ASCII or binary file format of a drawing file for exporting drawings to other applications or for importing drawings from other applications.

See also parameter constraint and annotational constraint. You create an electronic drawing set by publishing drawings to a multi-sheet DWF file. See also link. It is often accessed by many users and is stored in a shared network location.

The file is read-only to users to prevent the data in the file from being changed. An expanded panel contains additional tools and controls. See also ribbon panel and ribbon. In the case of a block, the block definition is unchanged. The block reference is replaced by the components of the block.

If the command line window is undocked, you can display this history by pressing F2 or by clicking the arrow at the right end of the Command Line window. The extended command history contains the same information as the text screen, which can be displayed by entering TEXTSCR or by pressing F2 when the window is docked.

See also extended prompt history. An external reference is a link to the referenced file. Smoothing a mesh object increases the number of facets.

Civil engineering design and construction documentation. Autodesk Grading Optimization for Civil 3D automates time-consuming grading design tasks, saving time and minimizing material waste.

Conceptualize, plan, and validate manufacturing facilities. Use the mobile app to sketch in 3D with the touch of a finger or an Apple Pencil. Intuitive 3D sketching app with native Revit interoperability. Geospatial and engineering BIM platform for planning, design, and analysis.

Inventor CAM Ultimate is an integrated 2. True shape nesting software for Inventor to optimize yield from flat raw material. Inventor Tolerance Analysis software is designed to understand the cost impact of dimensional variation. Integration, analysis, and communication tools help teams coordinate disciplines, resolve conflicts, and plan projects before construction or renovation begins. Construction layout software. Inspect complex, free-form surfaces across a range of hardware devices.

Use Powershape Ultimate CAD modeling software to prepare molds, dies and other complex parts for manufacture. Advanced BIM-integrated structural analysis and code compliance verification tool. Software and cloud-based services subject to an Educational license or subscription may be used by eligible users solely for Educational Purposes and shall not be used for commercial, professional or any other for-profit purposes.

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Decide Later. Are you sure you want to choose education network licences? Get subscriptions. You can assign one student to each subscription. In progress Your request is being processed. Please wait Congratulations, you have subscriptions. This opens Autodesk Account where you can upload a list of users and assign them to subscriptions.

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What do you need to know before you begin:. For more information please review our Privacy Statement. Three easy steps to get up and running:. Download the Fusion Lab Install Package. Execute the Fusion Lab Install Package on each client.

Sign-up to receive Fusion Updates. Additional message or comments? Next steps. Filter by. Sort by. Simple 3D design and 3D printing app. Product unavailable on this device. Global illumination rendering software.

Civil 3D Grading Optimization Autodesk Grading Optimization for Civil 3D automates time-consuming grading design tasks, saving time and minimizing material waste. CAD-embedded finite analysis software.

Cost-effective 3D game development software. Digital painting and sculpting software. Additive manufacturing and design software. Reality capture and 3D scanning software and services. Professional video effects software. Structural bridge analysis software. Vehicle swept path analysis software. Company overview. Investor relations. Diversity and belonging. Autodesk Foundation.

Contact us. Students and educators. Affiliate program. Autodesk Research. Buying with Autodesk. More Kerish Doctor 4. Kerish Doctor is an integrated solution for computer maintenance that utilizes the most promising developments in this area. Due to its unique system, Kerish Doctor prevents Windows crashes in real time and also safely fixes … more info Easily view and print 2D and 3D drawings, maps, and models in the DWF format the ideal way to share accurate design information.

DocumentUse a complete set of 2D drafting and detailing tools to accurately and efficiently create precise technical … more info Wondershare PDFelement 6 is transforming the way people around the world create, edit, convert and combine their PDFs. AutoCad DWG viewer more info Additional titles containing autocad


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