WSOP: Then There Were 9


All that sparkles surely seems to be Gold in the 2006 World Series of Poker’s $10,000 purchase in No-Limit Hold’em occasion at Harrah’s off-Strip Rio Hotel and Casino.


Jamie Gold, a California TV maker and headhunter, kept a firm grasp on first Tuesday as the record field was cut from 27 to Thursday’s Final Table of nine, a bigger number of than multiplying the chip count of his nearest rival, notable professional and two-double cross gold wristband champ Allen Cunningham, at a certain point.


Gold had in excess of 35 million chips at that point, however saw his stack decrease as play proceded.


Activity started around early afternoon and advanced gradually after the primary portion of the leftover hopefuls had been wiped out as players persistently combat for the last nine sought after openings.


Play at long last finished around 2:30 a.m.  PG SLOTWednesday when Fred Goldberg bet everything from the end of $2.8 million.


Richard Lee brought in the little visually impaired and showed the rulers; Goldberg showed the sovereign of hearts and 3 of spades.


The board came 9 of hearts, 7 of hearts, 7 of clubs, jack of spades and 8 of clubs.


The nine players from last year’s Final Table all had broken out before Tuesday play started, with reigning champ Joe Hachem ending up 99th.


The 2006 WSOP Texas No-Limit Hold’em finalists, main residences and chip sums are Gold, Malibi, Calif., 26,000,000; Cunningham, Las Vegas, 17,700,000; Erik Friberg, Stockholm, Sweden, 9,725,000; Lee, San Antonio, 8,745,000; Paul Wasicka, Westminster, Conn., 8,050,000; Doug Kim, Hartsdale, N.Y., 6,500,000; Rhett Butler, Rockville, Md., 5,000,000; Michael Binger, Atherton, Calif., 3,320; and Dan Nassif, St. Louis, 2,840,000.


The last dozen competitors each were ensured something like $1.1 million.


They will vie for a $12 million top award.


The tenth, eleventh and twelfth spot hopefuls acquired $1,154,572 each.


They were Goldberg, Lief Force and John Magill.


The 13, fourteenth and fifteenth spot finishers each got $907,128.


They included William Thorsson, Luke Chung and Kevin Aaronson.


Prominent professional Jeffrey Lisandro was wiped out in seventeenth, simply behind David Einhorn.


Each brought back home $659,730.


Einhorn, the Rye, N.Y., trading company emploee who started Tuesday as the third most noteworthy chip holder and had promised to give his rewards to entertainer Michael J. Fox’s Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, broke out in eighteenth spot.


Parkinson’s Disease was liable for his granddad’s passing.


The WSOP is running a day early as the first field of 8,773 was pared much faster than expected, setting up a remarkable dull day on Wednesday, the night before the finals.


Enlistment for a concurrent $1,500 purchase in No-Limit occasion fell significantly as players started heading home after expanded Las Vegas stays.


The Monday-Tuesday competition drew one of the smalllest fields in the six-week poker event, only 362 players.


James Mitchell beat Stuart Fox in heads-up activity and won $153,173 from the $494,130 tote.

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